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  1. Reebo

    Vod-live questions

    Hi, 2 question about vod-live 1) Can I create a playlist of mp4 file to streaming sequentially? 2) Can I load a vod-live or a playlist directly from url (on demand) without start a rest-api streaming? Thanks in advance. Marco
  2. Reebo

    stream mp3 from a file

    How can I create an audio stream only from mp3 file? Is there a solution like vod:// for mp4? Thanks in advance. Marco
  3. Reebo

    sharing only Audio

    Can I only share audio from a webpage? When I'm in a conference, can I share the audio from another browser window (youtube) to share just the music and mix it to my microphone? Thanks in advanced.
  4. Reebo

    From web browser to Amazon ivs server

    Can I capture video from web browser, passing through webrtc server and then streaming to rtmp Amazon ivs? (rtmp server url and stream key) thanks in advanced