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    How to setup load balancing?

    Hi, I want to setup load balancing for flashphoner. Can you help me with how to setup both server? I have 1 server right now and it is working fine. But my user base is increasing so i have 2 options: 1. Go for high configuration hardware(Might be i get limitations here) 2. Apply load...
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    Adaptive bitrate control

    Hi, I want to set resolution and bitrate automatically as per viewer internet speed. Suppose viewer internet speed is low than stream resolution and bitrate should set low as per internet speed. Example: Publish stream is with 1280x720 1200K 30 fps. If viewer has low internet speed then it...
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    Transcoding video decoding queue size issue

    Hi, I am facing issue of transcoding_video_decoding_average_queue_size when it gets to 100. Feed is getting freeze and delay after that. Facing this issue after concurrent veiwers going above around 1700. I am playing stream with low resolution and low bitrate(200kbps) My server configuration...