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    RTSP Stream failed

    Hi I would like to know the progress on support for H265 video streams. Please can you provide an update? Also, how can I view the details and progress on WCS-3106 (or any other ticket) ? Thanks
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    GPU Transcoding and Custom Transcoder Interface

    Hi, I am interested to know what is the progress on GPU-based encoding and WCS-2437. Can you provide an update? Thanks.
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    Support for install WCS in Ubuntu Desktop

    Thanks Max. Does that mean that if I choose to install WCS on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS desktop, if I run into any problem with WCS that I can expect support from Flashphoner? I see on the prerequisites page here that Ubuntu 20.04 is listed as a supported OS but there is no explicit reference to...
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    Support for install WCS in Ubuntu Desktop

    Hi, Is it officially supported to install and run WCS on Ubuntu Desktop as opposed to Ubuntu Server? We have a number of customers and employees who are not familiar with Linux and providing them with the desktop GUI would make our deployment process much easier than the pure CLI server OS...
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    Support for MPEG2 ts: and mpgv:

    We have a client with many hundreds of CCTV cameras that stream mpeg2 video mostly via multicast. We can view the video in VLC using URLs like these udp/mpgv://@<multicast_IP_address>:3000 and udp/ts://@<multicast_IP_address>:3000 Is it possible using WCS to display these streams in Google...
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    Capabilities of WebcallServer

    This was a useful article. The server specifications for WCS#1 and #2 both say "streams" after their core count. Is this in reference to the number of video streams or does this really refer to number of processing threads available given the CPU core counts? With the above question in mind...