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    Echo in latest Android 10 on Pixel phones

    Hi, starting from the Aug 5 update to Pixel phone (2 in this case, running QQ3A.200805.001) we are getting echo from these phones. I.e. a remote peer (in a person to person chat) hear his/her own voice after roundtrip, and looking at the voice activity of the mixed feeds we store, we can be...
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    Best way to allow player to connect no matter what and then change stream content serverside?

    The use-case is this: - Clients should be able to connect ahead of time to a "meeting" (so we can see that the user is "ready") - Until the meeting starts we would like to be able to "push" video i.e. instructions, ads etc - When the meeting begins we want to connect another stream (i.e. 2-way...
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    Docker windows problem

    Hi, new to the product, but has successfully installed and worked with it on CentOS servers. However, we want to run development locally and use Docker for this. Created a simple docker compose: image: flashphoner/webcallserver:latest ports: - "22:22" - "8443:8443" - "8444:8444" -...