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  1. prateek_sharma

    found Remote_cached video when stop the one stream and play other stream

    i am getting an duplicate div elements when try to stop one stream and playing other stream i attached the problem below
  2. prateek_sharma

    audio playback issue

    function participantStream(session) { var streamName = participantname; publishStream = session.createStream({ name: streamName, display: document.getElementById("participantview"), constraints : { audio : {deviceId : paudioid}, video ...
  3. prateek_sharma

    Reference Error :browser is not defined

    sharbtn.onclick = startSharing(); function startSharing() { var session = Flashphoner.getSessions()[0]; var constraints = { video: {} }; = "screen"; = true; session.createStream({ name:"desktop"...
  4. prateek_sharma

    how to publish host and participant stream from different page and playback on home page?

    i have one host file and one participant file(.php and .js) , 1)first webpage - create room (only for host/admin) 2)second webpage -then select camera or audio 3)third webpage - final page where we have host stream(using camera id and audio id) and MCU. 4) copy invitation link PARTICIPANT END...