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    Question about FlashPhoner on Chrome macOS Monterey 12.2

    I have a problem about Chrome macOS Monterey 12.2 After published and streaming it catch error Code 6 It's happen only on chrome with macOS Monterey 12.2. So i want to know did some update of webRTC effect on this or not ? Because in past it's work well and no error like this. Please...
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    Question about record link file.

    What if I already streaming with record = true , And then my internet connection is lost. The question is my record stream still on my WCS server ? and if it was. how do I get the previous record link from that file ? More question. Sometime i streaming about 2 hours and after end my streaming i...
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    I want to know about minimum requirement for Flashphoner client side

    Like Minimum Window version Web browser Include minimum version Or minimum requirement and compatibility for Flashphoner client side ETC. Please Advice Thank you. Gain
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    FlashPhoner on Webview on Android iOS App not working

    I use react native and I use WebView on App to connect WebRTC it's work on iOS 14 or lower but after v 15 it's not work at all. So, I want solution solve this problem. Please advice.
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    How to clear all Flashphoner session.

    Hello. I want to know if I have more than 1 sessions. How can I clear all session or selected session in JavaScript ? And one more question how can I get local IP from session if I use load balance on AWS service? Please advice. Gain
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    Configuration WCS livestream up to 300 streams ON AWS EC2

    Hello. I use WCS on AWS service, And I have one question to ask. How can I config WCS on AWS service to livestream up to 300 streams in one time ? Also, I want to know recommend package for up to 200 livestreams that I should use for WCS on AWS service. Please advice. Gain