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    android sdk Missing libraries

    hello, while building android sdk we are facing given below missing libraries errors. please could you help me Could not determine the dependencies of task ':video-chat:compileDebugJavaWithJavac'. > Could not resolve all task dependencies for configuration ':video-chat:debugCompileClasspath'...
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    audio issue on FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.2.1146

    hello, i have recently installed FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.2.1146 and when i make SIP call using phone-UI . and i make or recevie the call the other party does not hear me. please can you help me to fix this issue. thanks
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    Caller ID Phone UI

    hello i want to set Caller ID using Phone UI. please guide me how can i do it Thanks
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    Android SDK

    hello team, please can you give me android SDK latest build link coz i gave given below links to my developer but said he is unable to compile this code where as this give below link only have example APK files and documentation...
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    Firefox voice issue

    hello, we started facing too many issues why is that so? now phone-ui on firefox voice is really really breaking out whereas on other browsers its working fine. i am tired of being facing of all these issues. please i need support to fix all these issues. so please please help. Thanks
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    Phone-ui on another server

    hello, i have a question if you place phone-ui to any other hosted server and we start using phone-ui from that hosted server. now my question is if we make 100+ calls from phone-ui then would it put load on that hosted server where phone-ui is hosted? like will it use server that hosted server...
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    Import SSL Certificates

    Hello, i have installed Web Call Server 5.2 now i am trying to import ssl but step 1 and step 2 buttons are disabled. please check screenshot please tell me how to fix it?
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    Phone UI on another hosting

    hello, How can we use Phone UI on different hosting. Phone UI only works sip credentials details how can we define WCS URL in phone UI? Thanks
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    hangup button is getting stuck

    hello team, i have upgraded my flashphoner server. its performance is keep getting down. today webrtc was not getting registered with SIP server then i rebooted my server 1st issue got fixed now other issue came up now after making successful SIP call hangup button on web and android get...
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    Web Phone SIP response

    hello, how can we get SIP response to web phone for example Registration messages authentication failed login failed request timeout etc SIP response message user busy 503 service unavailable etc Thanks
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    Restrict number of webrtc calls

    hello, how can i restrict any SIP server to number of calls for example i have SIP server now using webrtc SIP call i don't want to accept more then 6 calls from this server. please guide me. Thanks
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    authorized SIP request on flashphoner

    hello, Currently my flashphoner server can accept webrtc request from any IP address. this is not save any one can use my flashphoner. i want to only allow specific ip address to accept webrtc connection. Thanks
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    audio issues

    hello, i have flashphoner server installed on server IP 89.4X.XXX.XXX i started using server after sometime but i am getting audio issues. on sip call there is no audio voice. where as video browser to browser also have 1 sided voice issue. i have tried starting server but still same. please...