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    Server stop after some days

    Hi, I purchased flashphone licence and it works fine but every 10 or 12 days it stops and i need to restart from my digital ocean server. I checked server logs and found following error. Please help me on this issue. 03:59:50,265 WARN erSocketPipelineSink - HLS-HTTP-BOSS-pool-26-thread-1...
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    How to change password or disable demo user in flashphoner

    Hi, I want to disable or change password for demo user in flashphoner.
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    Hi, I purchased licence of flashphoner to publish live stream and got iframe from flashphoner to configure in my website. Now I faced one issue that I am using angularjs on client side so I added iframe in angularjs now video is pausing every 30 second. If i play iframe in simple html document...