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    Need advice for configuration and API

    So, i have some qustions about softphone: 1. As i understand, to use autologing by softphone i must send some token (like id or else, for my reason) to my server and it must return json-answer with needed data, right?(according to documentation) 2. Can i make some, which help catch moments when...
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    Problem with using SSL connection (wss)

    Hi. On my web-server i use SSL connection. So, when i have running your server and connect from web-interface phone (Phone.html), i have receive error, which says that connection to wss is refused. So, i must send to you logs and cond in zip?) And another problem, with importing intermediate...
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    Problem with receive call

    Hi, we are testing connection for SIP using your WebCallServer. But when we are recieiving call there is message for softphone "Unknown Error" and in browser console "errorStatusEvent INTERNAL_SIP_ERROR". Can you explain this problem please?