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    Use TURN server for WebRTC broadcast

    We are using WebCallServer5 for WebRTC broadcasting (Firefox to Firefox) It all works pretty good. But if one peer is behind a strict firewall/NAT/proxy (big company), then he can not connect to the WebCallServer stream. The streamStatusListener reports the status "PLAYING", but the video window...
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    Activate WCS without internet connection

    We want to use the web call server 5 in a company network (intranet) without internet connection. We can not reach the acitvation server ( from this intranet. Is is possible to activate the WCS server there?
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    WebRTC broadcast: change video bitrate/quality

    We are planning to use the WebCallServer5 for WebRTC video broadcast to 10-12 peers. The max. resolution will be 720p30. The video sender (publish stream) is a HTML5 WebRTC application in Firefox. The video quality at client side (play stream in Firefox) is rather poor (specially when there is...