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  1. Sajin

    Garbage log file taking too much space

    gc-core-* File is taking too much space on the device. It increases to 3-5 GB in single file few weeks time. Which settings needs to set to false or reduce log level for preventing it?
  2. Sajin

    WCS 5 Example Script is not working

    I am trying out "flashphoner5/client/examples/min/phone/Phone-min.html" I am able to connect using WebRTC with this example, however I need a fallback to flash as some audio related settings are not working on insecure domains on chrome. So I have made following changes to the example...
  3. Sajin

    Audio lag

    We're using Web Call server version 4.0.1450 We're having a delay of 3-5 seconds in hearing the attendee. ie, If a person say "Hello... Jim", caller would hear "Jim,". Any issues has been reported in this call server version? Or we need to check any other parameters in...
  4. Sajin

    Sound Control

    How we can play sounds such as ring, call end etc? What files need to be included? Or a documentation link where I can find those informations