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  1. ajayalag1974

    Stop inactive published RTMP streams which are auto published on demand using FFMpeg

    Hi, I have written my web server code which when user visits the streaming page checks if streaming exist by name via "/rest-api/stream/find", if not it publishes rtmp stream using ffmpeg command, command is executed via child_process spawn method in nodejs (ffmpeg -re -i...
  2. ajayalag1974

    Passing & Parsing URL Parameters when playing with LocalStreamName

    Hello, Thanks for great piece of software/service. I am having 2 issues. 1. How to pass parameters when playing streaming using LocalStreamName (pull rtmp with localstreamname), examples give on this link -...
  3. ajayalag1974

    Permanently Publish Stream pulled from RTMP Source Efficiently

    Hi, I want to permanently publish a stream (ch_1) on WCS-5 which is pulled from a RTMP Source URL (rtmp://xyz..) 1. I want to permanently publish a Stream with name: "ch_1" to be played view embed_player Iframe/Link 2. Which pulls its video from a RTMP Source URL something like...
  4. ajayalag1974

    Reduce Latency of HLS/M3U8 Live Streaming Playback via Flashphoner/Other Tech

    Hello, I am pretty noob about how Flashphoner works so my request could make no sense but i just want to ask this question, i am able to reduce latency of rtmp/rtsp links by playing them through WCS5 Server (something like this link -...