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    Cannot play mixer stream in iOS

    Hello, We cannot get mixer video playing in iOS. After stream is created, we get a black video area. Then after a minute "Failed By ICE timeout" error appears. We tested this on various iOS devices, so it seems to be the general error. Note that "Two-way Streaming" example works, so this is...
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    Dynamic MCU mixer layout

    Hello, We are developing a live meeting app, where meeting host can speak on their own or give a word to one of several participants (only one at a time). Thus, mixer stream can contain either single host stream or host and single participant streams. In the first case host stream must be full...
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    Stream issue on iPhone

    Hello, We have a very strange error with one of our iPhones (iOS 14.2). It cannot start streaming, just shows black local video area. No logs, no visible errors, nothing. We tried "Stream diagnostic" example hosted on our server and got the following...
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    Firefox on iPhone

    Hello, Does Web SDK work in Firefox on iOS? In "Streamer" example we get "FAILED: Local error" message (see attachment), and in our project we get the following error:
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    Possible error in playFirstVideo()

    Hello, Currently, main part of playFirstVideo() method is following: if (src) { video.src = src; () { display.appendChild(video); resolve(); })["catch"](function () { //WCS-2375. fixed autoplay in ios safari...
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    Room streams control and record

    Hello @Max , We have 2 questions about room (conference) functionality. 1. Does room owner (person who created the room) have any builtin possibilities to mute/unmute other conference participants? We are developing a conference solution where host (room creator) can manage guests, and only...
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    Add dynamic captions to a WebRTC stream

    Hello @Max , We want to add dynamic captions to WebRTC stream videos. Caption means a short text somewhere in the bottom describing certain part of the video. Is there any possibility to achieve this with WCS? Thanks!
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    Get record filename when using REST API

    Hello @Max , How can I get record filename in STREAM_STATUS.UNPUBLISHED callback if I started recording by calling REST method /stream/startRecording? In this case stream.getRecordInfo() returns null. And more general question: how can I get record file name if I started recording using...
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    WebRTC to RTMP, optimize quality

    Hello, We have a WCS instance running on Digital Ocean droplet, and we use it as a "proxy" for live streams from browser to Mux (, that accepts RTMP input. We are aiming 1280x720 resolution, and right now we don't like video quality much. I tried both H.264 and VP8 codecs...