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  1. kip9696

    WebRTC is not visible in provider

    Hi! I am currently making an WebRTC player, If I create a player on the local server, WebRTC looks good But WebRTC is not visible when I upload the source to the server Please refer to picture below [local] [server] The source and connection environment of both are the same Answer please...
  2. kip9696

    About the ports that need to be opened behind the firewall

    I am configuring a server behind a firewall udp range changed to 20000-25000 and service ports(ex 8080, 8888 more....) opened Mainly used module is rtsp to Webrtc But I cant receive webrtc video When all ports are open, I can receive Video But When closed except that port, I just receive...
  3. kip9696

    Cant Login page admin account

    Hi I cant login page with admin account (https://~:8888/) I tried login admin/admin but I see forbidden I created server with docker And How Can I change UDP Port range? reply pleeasee thx
  4. kip9696

    Interruption occurs when playing many RTSP

    hi, I playing rtsp stream as rtc I play 5 or more streams At this time, each stream will be cut off or stopped Also the initial loading speed is slow or does not turn on I using c5large, ec2 There seems to be no problem on the cpu, Is it a network problem? traffic per video is 2Mpbs Attach the...