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  1. KaranBhansali91

    Enforce Video framerate constraint

    Hi, We want framerate to be enforced at 60 fps in the screenshare using canvas streaming. The recorded video details shows 14 fps on the flashphoner constraints: { video: { width: 1280, height: 720, frameRate: 60, }, } Regards
  2. KaranBhansali91

    AWS cloudfront with flashphoner

    Hi, After attaching aws cloudfront to flashphoner, we get error message net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID. Please also let us know flashphoner will work on AWS cloudfront or not ? We have implemented HLS using pull rest api /rest-api/pull/pull from another flashphoner server. Regards...
  3. KaranBhansali91

    File format requirements

    Hi, followed the steps If the file structure does not match the requiremets, this file will not be played. Wrong file structure can be fixed if necessary with ffmpeg without...
  4. KaranBhansali91

    How to reduce post processing of recorded file in room ?

    Hi, We are using mixer to create room session(one participant) with recording enabled , after end of room session , multi-recorder___dummy.mp4 generates the multi-recorder___dummy_mixed.mp4 , however flashphoner is taking too much time to generate the mixed file. For example 30 minutes...
  5. KaranBhansali91

    Custom mixer layout

    Hi, Following configuration to show custom mixer layout in vertical direction. /opt/mixer-layout-***-collab/2_mixer-layout-***-collab-2-participants.mix <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <body> <row height="1row" align="INLINE_VERTICAL_CENTER"> <div width="1col" height="100%"...
  6. KaranBhansali91

    Conference recorded video dimensions

    Hi, Please check the attached image, video dimensions both height and width are 0 of recorded file created using flashphoner conference demo page. In quick time player on macbook m1 plays only audio of recorded file.
  7. KaranBhansali91

    Play pause functionality in room api

    Hi, Does the flashphoner room api support play pause functionality while mixing and recording the room streams
  8. KaranBhansali91

    Room API not working for production server

    Hi, Below screenshot , we have tried with different server stream****.*****.com , the room api is working. We have already send the detail report of logs to
  9. KaranBhansali91

    Origin edge server setup

    Hi, As mentioned here have completed setup of origin edge server. Using the command ssh -p 2001 localhost or ssh -p 2001 admin@localhost on the edge server , it does not connect. The credentials are same as the web interface , correct ? Attached below screenshot
  10. KaranBhansali91

    HLS stream playback not working

    Hi, We have implmeneted webrtc as rtmp republishing , using https://studiowss.********.com:8444/rest-api/hls/startup created hls stream , but the stream is not playing in the hls js player demo page in flashphoner
  11. KaranBhansali91

    Setup two new servers, wss connection is failed

    Hi, We have setup two server mapped domain and uploaded ssl certificate. Can you please check why wss connection is failed. Does 5.2.1261 version support transcoding service ? Regards, Karan Bhansali
  12. KaranBhansali91

    Concurrent connection capacity when using webrtc as rtmp republishing.

    Hi, We have setup server with configuration m5.2xlarge with flashphoner version 5.2.1261, how much concurrent connection the server handle ? We are publishing at 720p30. Regards, Karan Bhansali
  13. KaranBhansali91

    RTMP pull link queries

    Hi, The current version 5.2.1261 of flashphoner supports webrtc as rtmp republishing, conference and conference recording. Does it support rtmp pull link ? Can we terminate rtmp pull link ? Can we create multiple pull link and can we create pull links upto 10?
  14. KaranBhansali91

    Web interface not accessible after updating

    Hi, is not accessible , how to check it is working using command line?
  15. KaranBhansali91

    FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.2.1261 service is not starting

    Hi, Today updated flashphoner to FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.2.1261 followed the steps. The services does not start Even followed the steps to fix permissions, still it does not work
  16. KaranBhansali91

    Urgent : Conference recordings are not saved in flashphoner 5.2.1190

    Hi, After updating the flashphoner, the meeting recordings are not found on the flashphoner server. Previously the recordings were saved and we could also upload to s3 bucket. Do we have to configure any additional properties in config file or the rest api.
  17. KaranBhansali91

    Poor video quality in mixer output

    Hi, Please find the image below on twitch platform as the live stream output from flashphoner mixer. We have good server configuration m5.8xlarge aws server. In the properties config added video_encoder_max_threads=3 and h264 encoder settings. We are using...
  18. KaranBhansali91

    Using flashphoner mixer if participant rejoin meeting , than the rtmp livefeed cannot see rejoined participant

    Hi, We are currently setup conference in our application using flashphoner web sdk. We are broadcasting it to youtube and twitch platform using mixer feature provided by flashphoner sdk. The issue is faced if one on the participant rejoins the meeting while the broadcast of the conference is...
  19. KaranBhansali91

    Live stream OBS -> flashphoner -> twitch not working.

    Hi, I am using link to setup live stream from OBS studio. The following screenshot shows error.