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  1. djuka

    Limit number of opened sessions per IP

    Hi, Is there a way to limit the number of opened sessions or websocket channels per IP address on the Flashphoner server? I often have one streaming active but 40-60 websocket channels opened.
  2. djuka

    iOS15.1.1 websocket issue

    Hi Max, I have an issue with WebSocket communication with Safari client on iPhone 12 iOS 15.1.1. They have changed something in the new firmware version and now WebSocket connection drops immediately after the connection started. I found some solution on the net and it reflects to disable...
  3. djuka

    Conference record policy template

    Hi, 1) I use property 'stream_record_policy_template' for my stream recordings on the WCS. Is there a similar parameter to determine the conference recording filename template? 2) Is it possible to determine the different recording directory for conference recordings and not to use 'record_dir'...
  4. djuka

    ChatRoom no video

    Hello, I tried VideoChat code from client2 on my local environment and I can't get video in the application. Connection is established but no local video in the frame. Then I used your and section VideoChat to try my server and I found that does not work even on your demo...
  5. djuka

    Streams overview

    Hi, we have licensed Flashphoner installed on our servers and we have one question: can we get real-time information about currently opened streaming channels on server?
  6. djuka

    Huge flashphoner.log files

    I have a problem with flashphoner.log files in the server logs folder. Files are huge and mostly populated with debug entries. How to disable DEBUG logs in flashphoner.log files and have only INFO, WARN, or ERROR?
  7. djuka

    Resolution always 320x240

    I set constraints like this: constraints = { video: { width: {min:320, ideal: 640, max:1920}, height: {min:240, ideal: 480, max:1080}, minBitrate: 200, maxBitrate: 1800, frameRate: 20...
  8. djuka

    Automatic resolution switch

    Hi, I have set video resolution like this: video: { width: {min:320,max:640}, height: {min:240,max:480} } On mobile devices I get recordings always 640x480 even if the network is slow. Is there a possibility to automatically switch from 640x480 to 320x240 if the network is slow?
  9. djuka

    Limited FPS from mobile

    I try to use FP to record streams from mobile but from different mobile devices, I got recordings with different framerate regardless of what is set in the javascript constraints. I set 25 for frameRate but recordings have form 10 to 30. What is the purpose of frameRate property actually?