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    IP v6 support

    Hi, is there a way to admin wcs4 to support additionally IPv6 network (dual mode), i.e. to listen also on IPv6 address? BR, Thomas
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    Observation of very long startup

    Hi, I made a test install of the new wcs4 (version 4.0.1082). After starting webcallserver daemon the new wcs-manager is starting but it took more than 50 minutes that it started the actual wcs server. Actually there was not much process activity within those 50 mins. Additiionally I observed...
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    Posting on Web Call Server 4 forum suspended?

    Posting on Web Call Server 4 does not seem to be enabled right now - for purpose?
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    Is there support for ice-lite (rfc5245) in webcallserver? call setup with demo client takes significant time. Rgds, Thomas