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  1. dAAAb

    AWS EC2 setup fail.

    Yes, I did. Is there any other issue that I should check?
  2. dAAAb

    AWS EC2 setup fail.

    Hi, I've tried WCS Server EC2 launcher, looks fantastic. After figure out that I have to enable public IPV4 and Public DNS in VPC setting, I seems to have it setup correctly. However, I can't view the page through public DNS address... with or without port 8888, it's not work. Please help! Thanks!
  3. dAAAb

    404 error on VR360 example page

    Hi, looking for WebRTC VR360 solution, it looks like Flashphoner provide excellent one. However, in tutorial , the link in the bottom of the page - "An example of integrating a VR player into WebRTC streaming"...