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    Streaming issue on Windows Chrome 120.0.6099.71

    Good day. We can't reproduce the problem neither with our test servers nor with demo server. Seems like ICE connection fails for some reason, ports blocking for example. Please check all the media ports on the server are available from the Windows PC, try to change network or switch to TCP...
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    WCS: Version 5.2.1840 is not available

    Good day. The link used by update script was broken. We fixed it. Thanks for your cooperation.
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    Проблемы со стримом в safari iOS 17

    Добрый день. Проблема с разбором и отображением WebRTC статистики в MacOS Safari 17 и iOS Safari 17 исправлена в сборке WebSDK 2.0.236, событие CONNECTION_QUALITY.UPDATE приходит в клиентский код, контроль качества канала на клиенте работает.
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    Не могу связаться с отделом продаж

    Добрый день. Напишите, пожалуйста, на e-mail или в скайп
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    How to delete my account?

    Please write to
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    Flashphoner Questions in My Head

    Good day. You have to deploy WebCallServer to your own instance: WCS installation and activation. If you use AWS instance, you can deploy WCS from AWS AMI: WCS automatic deployment from Amazon AWS Marketplace, in this case the instance will be billed hourly by Amazon. You can: - restrict...
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    about license key

    Good day. You should deploy your own WCS instance and activate a license key: WCS installation and activation. Then, you should register a domain name for your server, buy SSL certificates for your domain and import them to WCS settings: Import SSL certificates using web interface. Finally, you...
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    AWS EC2 Flashphoner image Yum update failed

    Good day. The Flashphoner AMI is based on Amazon Linux 2 AMI. We do not change any repositories, just install a dependencies needed to start WCS, and we do not install okay-release package directly. So it seems like Amazon Linux 2 AMI issue. You can try to skip update for this package. We have a...
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    Проблемы со стримом в safari iOS 17

    В наших тестах проблема с WebRTC статистикой воспроизвелась и на MacOS, так что десктопы тоже затронуты. По разному FPS на разных iOS: FPS, заданный в констрейнтах, это только рекомендация браузеру. В свою очередь, браузер пытается кодировать видео с указанными параметрами. Возможно, разные...
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    Проблемы со стримом в safari iOS 17

    Добрый день. К сожалению, не можем подтвердить ни одну из перечисленных проблем в MacOS Safari 17.1, кроме Для того, чтобы работал контроль качества канала, битрейт, отправляемый сервером, сравнивается с битрейтом потока на клиенте. Битрейт потока на стороне клиента вычисляется по статистике...
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    MJPEG video stream

    Good day. No, we have no plans to support MJPEG. You can use ffmpeg to convert it to H.264 and publish it to WCS as RTMP for example: ffmpeg -re -i rtsp://camera_ip:554/mjpeg_stream -preset ultrafast -acodec aac -vcodec h264 -strict -2 -f flv rtmp://wcs:1935/live/h264_stream or as RTP over...
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    Switch streaming content

    Yo can also connect to the server using non-secure websocket URL: ws://wcs:8080. In this case, you don't need to import SSL certificate to the server. This is recommended for testing purposes only.
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    Switch streaming content

    If this is your own server, you should register a domain, buy a valid certificate for it and import to WCS server: Import SSL certificates using web interface (or generate with LetsEncrypt: Receiving and importing Let's Encrypt SSL certificate). If this is a third party server (but you have...
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    RtspAgent Shutdown error in H.264 rtsp stream

    rtsp_activity_timer_timeout = 60000 If there is no subscribers for an RTSP stream within this timeout in milliseconds, corresponding RTSP session will be terminated
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    Настройка Hls abr в cdn

    Добрый день. По тикету WCS-3932. Проблема исправлена в сборке 5.2.1823, теперь стрим с HLS ABR суффиксом может быть проигран только по HLS.
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    Mixer recording terminating

    Good day A stream recording may stop due to lack of free space on the drive (less then 1 Gb by default). Please check the server log about free space warnings.
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    RTCVideoTrack removeRenderer array crash

    Good day. The issue was fixed in iOS SDK build 2.6.118. Please update and check.
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    Switch streaming content

    This is the server SSL certificates issue. If you're using self-signed certificates on the server or you have no CA certificate on the device you should add the certificate to the application resources: Server SSL certificates checking while Websocket connection establishing
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    Random edge pull error

    We cannot reproduce the problem on iOS 15.7.7 using Two Way Streaming Swift example (iOS SDK 2.6.115). Seems like the problem is in network provider. Please try to use another mobile operator. Try to change WebRTC transport from UDP to TCP and vice versa (you can do this from Media Devices Web...
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    Random edge pull error

    Seems like no media traffic sent from the device. Please clarify: - how do you publish? - is the problem reproducing in Two Way Streaming example? - what iOS version do you test? Please also try to test with our demo server...