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    Flashphoner v3 flash fallback, how to get access to audio?

    Hello, I am wondering how to actually get access to the microphone when using a browser without WecRTC. When I call "flashphoner.getAccessToAudioAndVideo()" on your sample client app, nothing happens. Users can have their flash microphone disabled so I can't just assume it always enabled. thanks
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    Send busy signal back to caller

    Hello, So I am trying to figure out how code up this situation: Bob is trying to call Sam. Sam is already in a call with Holly. When Sam gets an incoming call form Bob, the client automatically sends a busy signal back to bob. Sam doesn't get disturbed in any way. Bob hears a "busy" sound on...
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    NotifyFlashIsReady javascript function

    thank you. I didn't realize I could look at the flashphoner_js_api code to see what get called when.
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    NotifyFlashIsReady javascript function

    what I am saying is that when my flashphoner variable is equal to the swfobject, the notifyFlashReady isn't ever being called. I am pretty sure I am using the flashphoner_js_api.swf provided by the client-side files on github. I understand the other case. so the correct way in getting the...
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    NotifyFlashIsReady javascript function

    Hello, I was just wondering how I can tell when my swfobject is "ready". What function can I call? The problem is that when I create a swfobject, there is no "login" method available right after creation. Is there a method such as window.["NotifyFlashReady"] that will get called by the swfobject...