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    Телефония. Возможно ли передача звука через TCP протокол?

    Если вопрос по SIP. Надо понимать что означает "У партнеров заблокирован траффик через UDP протокол". Означает ли это, что пользователь находится в сети, где заблокирован UDP трафик и пользователь использует браузер для звонков. Если это так, то это Пункт 1. Если же у партнеров установлена АТС...
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    Issue Video Call Camera (SIP)

    Hello We reproduced this issue. Raised ticket WCS-3819. Will report about progress.
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    Add rotating param to embed_player,MSE%27%20marginwidth=%270%27%20marginheight=%270%27%20frameborder=%270%27%20width=%27100%%27%20height=%27100%%27%20scrolling=%27no%27%20allowfullscreen=%27allowfullscreen...
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    Mixer recording issue

    It is media session ID of the Mixer itself. We would like to know sessionId, mediaSessionId or streamName which was not recorded You can also check logs/cdr/sdr.log to see all published streams.
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    Mixer text - can't remove room name from stream label text

    Hello. Ticket is in Progress. ETA release - next week.
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    Плохое качество стрима

    Попробуйте эти настройки на стороне сервера чтобы удержать битрейт. webrtc_sdp_min_bitrate_bps=3000000 webrtc_sdp_max_bitrate_bps=7000000 webrtc_cc_min_bitrate=3000000...
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    Phone SIP Video IOS/Safari macos can not get speaker (audio output)

    Hello Safari does not provide access to the list of output devices. Please let us know if you find otherwise. You can...
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    Mixer recording issue

    Hello You had two party videochat and one party was not recorded in the mixer output. This means that one participant has been removed from Mixer. A participant can be removed from Mixer in two cases: 1. User has stopped publishing 2. User had too bad channel to be in the Mixer. Therefore you...