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    Streams handling

    We bought WCS AMI from aws of type t3.medium , we are using for Ip camera streaming.How many cameras we can handle with one WCS server.
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    SSL certificate

    Hi Team, 1. Can we purchase a seperate domain name for flashphoner server and add basic SSL certificate (not wildcard) to it. 2.Can your team provide continuous (24/7) record option of streams, whether the streaming is running in background.
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    SSL certificate

    Hi , We are having an root domain for an application like and we need to add flashphoner https://instance ip:8444/admin as subdomain and add the SSL certificate to the server level of flashphoner.Is this a valid method?
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    SSL certificate

    Hi , If we take SSL certificate e need to specify a domain name but in the dashboard page we are having domain name with ip address (https://instanceip:8444/admin/).But we need .com or .in for the domain name to obtain ssl certificate.So how should we proceed? Thanks,