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    WebRTC congestion Network

    Hi ! I have a wierd thing happening. I publish with OBS WebRTC to my AWS Server. On top of that there is a WebRTC 1 way video and 2 way audio that I publish from my computer at the office. When There is more than 3 peoples at the office watching the stream via their browser in WebRTC there is...
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    Is FlashPhoner a SFU server ?

    Hi, I'm working on using the Unity render Streaming Package to stream a real time feed of an application running on a server. In the documentation they say that is possible to connect to a SFU server in order to have more User connected. My question is : Can Flashphoner be used in that case...
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    Streaming monitoring

    Hi ! I've read this article : It seems that there is a way through the web interface of the server to monitor the stream. But I don't know why the button is not there on my interface. Can you help?
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    FlashPhoner Web Browser compatibility

    Hi Community! We are now working 2 month on a website in order to be able to stream multiple channel through a web Call Server 5. Our solution needs to be compatible with most of the last gen browser like announced by FlashPhoner. We were about to buy a full licence but we are still...
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    WCS EC2 Server type recommendation

    Hi community, I was wondering if someone can recommend a AWS server that will be able to scale. Let me explain, First I'll start to publish around 10 streams (720p-60fps). Each stream might connect to 2-3 users at a time a few times per days. Stream are published 24/24-7/7 The amount of...
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    RTMP stream via OBS not connecting

    Hi Team WC5! I just ran into a power failure and my WC5 server restarted. It was all working fine yesterday. Now I restarted the service, all good. I can connected to the web interface locally and through the domain remotely. The only issue is that I can't connect my stream anymore via OBS...
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    Update the WCS Server

    Hi Everyone, I finally get the perfect setup for my server. Now I need to do an update and I don't want to break either my properties config file or the certificates that I manually imported. What would be the best way to update in order to keep all my setting as it was. I'm updating from...
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    SSL Certificat import through web interface

    Hi, I have some trouble importing my SSL certificate through the web browser interface. I bought a domain and attached a certificate to it. I'm running the server on a CentoOS server. I can Upload my certificat but it doesn't seems that it does anything. I changed my IP to my domain name...
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    Stream feed working locally but not remote

    Hi, I recently deployed a WC5 server on a Centos Machine installed on my local network. Everything is fine when I connect to the server with a computer located on my local network. I can access the demo web server on port 8444. I fill the player with wss:// and the stream key...
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    OBS stream via RTMP very slow and deconnecting in player

    Hi, I set up a Webcallserver with the AWS template. Have a remote server with OBS running streaming 1280x720@30 fps Internet is very good on all device. But when I enter the information on the player It take a few second to load the stream. I a can see a frame then another a few second after...