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  1. aledg

    Loader HLS

    Where I can change the loader layout gif? This loader start when the HLS video is ready.
  2. aledg

    Problem with MCU Custom layout Template

    Hello guys, we have finished the setup of our project, we use FlashPhoner on AWS EC2. We use the MCU mixer and basically we have a user who remains fixed in the background (star_user) and several users who are guest and taken off individually via REST API calls: rest-api/mixer/add...
  3. aledg

    Stream a static image from canvas

    Hi guys, I'm using your mixer API, I want to stream a simple static image from canvas. Starting from your exemple canvas_streaming I try to change the code like this: function createCanvasStream() { var canvasContext = canvas.getContext("2d"); var canvasStream =...
  4. aledg

    sftp error and full path for background mixer

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to upload file using filezilla with sftp connection; following the instruction on EC2 description I'm using ec2-user for login. I connect correctly to the machine and I can list the contents of all the folders, but I cannot create new folders or add new files ... trying to...
  5. aledg

    Switch Off Camera

    I'm using two way streaming native example. When I stop my stream camera, my stream go down correctly but the Camera still running ... (dot red on browser tab and hardware green led on my MacBook) I want to switch off all... Now I'm using stream.stop(); but I think that I must to access...
  6. aledg

    https custom domain AWS

    Hi guys, I've set my WCS server on AWS and test it with public DNS like https://aws-dnspublic-domain:8888 - DONE (with invalid certificate SSL) I've set my custom domain like - DONE (with invalid certificate SSL) I've set my let's encrypt certificate inside WCS dashboard...