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    What can I do to make connecting and start playing faster

    The average time it takes from page load to seeing a picture in the video is 7 seconds on my end. How can I lessen this? Is there a setting to fine tune the create session pang play video process so it loads faster?
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    RTMP publishing with same stream name and overriding the older stream

    I get NetStream.Publish.BadName message from the server when I publish with a stream name that is already existing on the server. I would like it so that I can overwrite existing streams when I publish with the same name. Is this possible? Thanks
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    I cannot play HLS streams

    Here are my hls settings: ####HLS##### hls_enabled=true hls_auto_start=true hls_list_size=3 hls_abr_enabled=true hls_preloader_enabled=false hls_store_segment_in_memory=true hls_time=3 My URL looks like this: http://<address>:8082/<streamName>/<streamName>.m3u8 In chrome I get : <server>...
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    Stream has short pauses at intervals

    Hi, We have had this problem for quite a while now. The problem is for some streams, there are perceptible pauses at intervals. I am tryng to attach the video recordings but says too large. Where do I send them?
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    When Using TCP, always disconnect..

    When I use this setting, I always get STREAM_STATUS.FAILED after a while maybe after 5 minutes after initial publish. ice_tcp_transport=true And when I use : ice_tcp_transport=false: I dont get the disconnects but there are short pauses/freezes in the stream published.. 1. This happens on...
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    Server Stops Working in Production After 2-3 Hrs. Please help.

    Hi , We are testing the server in production environment but it stops after 2 to 3 hours of being up. Here is the setup: 1. We have 1 origin, 1 edge 2. Edge serves webrtc streams 3. End user can also have the option to play rtmp, when he chooses this option, the rtmp stream is served from the...
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    CDN Edge cant connect to ORIGIN

    I get the following error logs when i play the stream form my edge server: 17:13:11,756 ERROR CDNNodes - com.flashphoner.cdn.node.CDNNodes Failed to connect to node 17:13:12,792 INFO C - CDNOutbound-BOSS-pool-34-thread-1 Exception on channel [id...
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    ICE failed, add a STUN server and see about:webrtc for more details

    Hi, I get this error evrry now and then .. The error is gievn out by the browser. What can I do to prevent this? And how do I catch this error if I cant prevent it so my script can act accordingly? Thank you
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    Black Video , Channel is Not Available

    Hi , When I play streams sometimes, eventhough I get the PLAYING event, the stream starts off as black. And sometimes if I wait I get the video but sometimes also I do not receive the video at all. In the logs I get these errors, What do I need to do to eliminate this problem: 09:40:01,467...
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    Streams randomly turn very pixelized

    I have 2 issues: 1. Most of the time , published streams are smooth . But there are times when stream turns into very bad pixelated quality. And stays like that unless you rebroadcast the stream. 2. Another issue we've encountered is there are times that we only receive black video but with...