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  1. Dani

    What does this error means ?

    2021-06-07T14:29:34.489-0400: 570955.181: [GC (Allocation Failure) 2021-06-07T14:29:34.489-0400: 570955.181: [ParNew: 1040400K->18941K(1150208K), 0.0310554 secs] 8182544K->7161247K(16649472K), 0.0313519 secs] [Times: user=0.25 sys=0.13, real=0.03 secs]
  2. Dani

    FlashphonerWebCallServer not running but subsys locked

    /etc/init.d/webcallserver status FlashphonerWebCallServer not running but subsys locked how can I fix this ?
  3. Dani

    VOD demo fails

    I tried to write this code based on your demo: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <!-- Shaka Player compiled library: --> <script src="dist/shaka-player.compiled.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="flashphoner/flashphoner.min.js"></script> <script...
  4. Dani

    how can I avoid stream disconnect

    in case of steam issues - how can I avoid stream disconnect ? if I get the STREAM FAILED event - can I ignore it (for example for 3 times) and if the stream is still ok it will keep working ? if the stream is not good will I get more events of STREAM FAILED ?
  5. Dani

    vod experience

    my player requires a manifest file(mfd) for vod expeirence I understand I need to put the mp4 file in the media folder as specified in the properties file. than I create stream using vod://sample.mp4 as the stream name. how do I pass it to the player ? the player requires a manifest URI...
  6. Dani

    muxing 2 files

    I have 2 webm files. one with video and no sound. one with sound and no video (actually the video is just blank) they are on the WCS directory. now I want to play them in a web-browser - I need to get the video from the first file and the audio from the 2nd file. how do I do this ? do I...
  7. Dani

    Record separately video stream and audio stream and mux them when playing

    Is is possible to record the video from one stream, the audio from a 2nd stream and mux them when I play ?
  8. Dani

    webm file (recorded on vp8 stream) using the rest API has no sound

    How do I record the sound as well as the video ? Is there a way to record the sound even if the Volume of the stream is set to 0 ? (currently no sound is recording with volume set to 0 or 100)
  9. Dani

    Stream Recording

    Is it possible to start and stop stream recording via api ? i want to be able to record a stream at specific events (not from the beginning) Can I send a command to the server to start recording a stream and command to stop recording (with file name ? )
  10. Dani

    2 seconds freeze in stream

    many of my streams has lags (stream freeze for 2 seconds than continues) . Is there a way to improve this ? what would be optimize settings to avoid these froze moments ? server cpu is less than 10% (load average 0.9, 1.19, 1.33) I've connected to the stream through several places and it...
  11. Dani

    can't open steam on iphone 11 and 12 while in a phone call.

    Finally figured out the issue with iphone11 and iphone12 - and it is reproduced with your own demo. You can't publish a stream while using the phone (regular call).
  12. Dani

    calling https://myserveraddress:8444/rest-api/push/terminate gives an error

    exception "java.lang.NullPointerException" path "/rest-api/push/terminate" error "Internal Server Error" message null timestamp 1611119681055 status 500
  13. Dani

    Update to latest wcs server and client -

    We've done all the tests on iphone XR 14.3 After updating server code and client version to latest on production servers iphone xr works great, but iphone 12 and 11 can't open the camera.... is there any changes in the code needed to be done to support iphone 11 and 12 that are not needed for...
  14. Dani

    Webcallserver update hanged.

    Webcall server update got hanged. It looks like it hanged with process chgrp running. hitting break on the process - and running update again - says it's already up to date. but - now - it can only be started at /usr/local/FlashPhonerWebCAlServer/bin/webcallserver start trying to start though...
  15. Dani

    Setting quality based on internet bandwidth

    Is there a way to change the stream quality if the internet bandwidth is good ? there is the target div dimensions, the camera resolution and the steam quality - is there a way to make a better "stream" when I know both sides has good internet connection ?
  16. Dani

    Function documentation

    Where can I find documentation on the Flashphoner functions ? (all parameters and options ? ) looking for the init function but I can find only examples, is there a function documentation somewhere ?
  17. Dani

    Cloned server stopped working

    I've cloned the server few months ago to run some tests on upgraded version. boot it up today - and run update - Server is now upgraded to v. my code can't connect to the server - what would be the steps to verify server status ? how...
  18. Dani

    Big Sur MAC update possible issue with voice streaming

    I've notice something strange on a new Big Sur MacBook Pro - on a 2 way call video + sound one channel (voice) sounds scrambled for about a minute until it starts working ok. We haven't seen this in any other setup yet. I'm will try tomorrow with another MacBook to see if it's consistent. was...
  19. Dani

    can't access with admin user

    I get forbidden when trying to login How can I resolve this ? I can login with the demo user, but I need to update certificates, can I do it with demo ? Dani
  20. Dani

    iphone video freeze

    Hi, we're using an almost year old version of the sever/ api. the reason is that whenever we tried to upgrade - iPhone video is frozen. No issues on MAC and no issue on android. I can also confirm that the OTHER side see the "frozen" video as live - the problem looks local to iphone (trying...