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    HLS Streaming issue - Safari browser (14)

    Hi, With HLS streaming using Edge servers, the HLS streaming is not playing continuously in Safari 14. It gets frozen after few minutes while the same stream plays in Chrome or other browsers normally. I can see below error message in my server My WCS version - 5.2.699
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    Master Origin server is unresponsive

    Hi, My stream server setup: WCS Version: 5.2.699 Using Origin and edge server combination and one individual server as master origin which acts as source for other origin servers. This setup is working fine for almost more than 6months. From yesterday, my master origin server seems to be...
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    "Session does not exist" message with WebRTC playStream

    Hi, I have multiple Origin servers behind Load balancer in AWS. I can able to publish WebRTC stream and when I try to play the stream, I am getting "Session does not exist" error. When I checked with the logs, it seems publishing happened in one server and playstream got called in another...
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    ICE Timeout on AWS Marketplace AMI

    Hi, I am trying to stream in AWS EC2 by using Market place AMI ( I can successfully publish stream but when I installed turnserver (coturn), I can't and it always fails with message "Failed by...
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    HLS first user issue

    Hi, I m publishing the streams to origin servers and playing using HLS by edge servers. When a first user tries to view the stream, the stream can't be played in player and buffer gets stalled out. If it is played again, then streams gets played. Based on this link...
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    WebRTC Streaming issues

    Hi, I have two issues with webRTC Streaming, 1) After sometime when a stream is published, the video goes black at streaming side but at viewer side, the stream can still be viewed. Please check attached image below 2) Streaming gets disconnected automatically after 1-2 hours. I found below...
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    Error with WebRTC stream

    Hi, I am recieving following error in origin server logs ERROR BitstreamNormalizer - STUN-UDP-pool-46-thread-253 Failed to normalize SPS...
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    Malformed response headers

    Hi, My Origin and edge servers are behind AWS Load balancers respectively. Whenever there is a 200 response from WCS server, the Load balancer returns response witn 200 HTTP code. But when the WCS server returns 404 or 401, then the Load balancer returns 502 or 503 respectively which means LB...
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    HLS edge server not playing

    Hi, I am recieving error messages like this 12:51:48,000 ERROR WCSAgent - API-ASYNC-pool-12-thread-1 7467ef3a-fe12-45b5-a875-822cd2ae370e Stream 38-1594642976-586182 local failed 12:51:48,039 ERROR Server - HLS-38-1594642976-586182 Uncaught exception...
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    AWS Marketplace AMI for CDN and autoscaling

    Hi, Based on this link, we faced a same issue yesterday where our license changed to expired state even though auto-renew is enabled last month itself. This broke our production system streaming functionality. So we...
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    Flashphoner process got killed

    Hi, I am using CDN concept with Origin and edge servers in production where WebRTC is published in Origin servers and streaming is viewed though HLS in edge servers. It was working well, but yesterday edge servers failed to stream and when I checked with the servers, the flashphoner process...
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    Modify 404 response from REST API

    Hi, I used this API (rest-api/cdn/show_routes) to get the streams active in CDN. If the streams are active , it returns 200 response when there are no streams in CDN 404 response is returned. The actual issues come here when I am using AWS Loadbalancer to call this API. When 200 response is...
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    License renewal

    Hi, I bought a one-month subscription and it got expired yesterday and now I can't able to publish any streams. I can understand due to license expiration the streams are not allowed to publish. But according to this link, it should have two days due...
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    Multiple Edge servers behind AWS LB not communicating

    Hi, I am following CDN pattern where I have set of Origin servers behind a AWS LB and another set of edge servers behing another LB. Instances with WCS is added to load balancer using Autoscaling. When more than one edge server is added to a...
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    Autoscaling considerations for CDN HLS Viewing

    Hi, I am having origin and edge servers behind respective load balancers (AWS LB). Using CDN edge servers, I am playing the stream using HLS. I done a WebRTC publish load test by following this link I can able to...
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    WebRTC stream not publishing in Firefox

    Hi, WebRTC Stream publishing in firefox getting failed whereas it works in Chrome. When I checked with server logs, the stream failed due to "ICE timeout" Please check the log messages below: 07:23:24,610 INFO Component - STUN-UDP-pool-44-thread-63 Add remote candidate for...
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    CDN edge server (defaultApp) returns 401 Unauthorized

    Hi, I am using CDN with one origin server and one edge server. Each server is behind a load balancer. I have created a custom app called "development" pointed to my backend to authorize the publisher when a stream is connected or published. In viewer part, the playback is streamed using HLS. It...
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    CDN - Multiple origins and edge servers clarification

    Hi, I have a question on how multiple origin servers will work for streaming and playing with edge servers through CDN. Based on this link, it seems multiple origins and edge servers are supported. But my question is what will be the...
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    CDN - failed to connect to origin server

    Hi, I am trying to do live stream using CDN. I have two load balancers (AWS), one for origin and another for edge. I followed the steps with dynamic CDN and I am getting "Failed to connect error" in edge server. Edge: cdn_enabled=true cdn_ip={ip_local}
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    Manager log is not generated in logs folder

    As per this link, I have restarted the web call server. But I can able to see only one process runnning and there is no flashphoner-manager.log file in logs folder. Can anyone tell me why it is not generated?