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    Short freeze when streaming from RTMP source

    When I send an RTMP feed from the DJI Go drone application (custom feed option), when viewing it via the embedded player I see a short (~1 second) freeze every 5 seconds or so - the regularity of the freeze is very consistent. I don't see this freeze when feeding RTMP from some other sources...
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    Running demos under iOS 11 and Safari

    I upgraded our trial license to version 5.0.2542, then have tried to run some of the demos from my iOS 11 device (iPhone 8, if that matters). But I'm unable to get any of the demos to work on Safari 11 - Firewall Traversal Streaming or Embeded Player, for example. On Firewall Streaming, I click...
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    Stuttering video in VOD

    I'm trying out "vod" and "vod-live" URLs. I downloaded the Big Buck Bunny MP4 and put it on my server. It plays back fine. But some other MP4 files, including the commonly used for testing "Serenity trailer" have jitters/stutters in the playback. Any ideas on how to get around this problem? Also...