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  1. richard-vd

    distorted audio on Apple devices

    In recent releases of Apple software (macOS Big Sur using Safari 14.0.1, iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2) the audio of my RTSP stream starts heavily distorted when using WebRTC (Opus audio). After some time audio becomes clean but it can go back to the distorted state later on. I already tried changing...
  2. richard-vd

    HLS gives HTTP 404 not found

    Hi, My RTSP stream plays fine in the embedded player example page (WebRTC). Now I am trying to access this RTSP stream as HLS. From the HLS player examples I understand that I should be able to get the M3U8 playlist at https://<WCS_IP>:8445/<URL-encoded-RTSP-URL>/<URL-encoded-RTSP-URL>.m3u8...
  3. richard-vd

    high quality stereo audio from server

    My source is an RTSP stream with stereo AAC audio. I want to achieve high quality stereo audio encoding in the direction of server to browser. The AAC and Opus bitrates are configurable in, but it's still mono. How can I set the Opus and AAC encoders to stereo? And it...
  4. richard-vd

    high CPU usage

    My Safari browser (version 13.1.1 (15609. on macOS 10.15.5) sends HTTPS traffic that causes permanently high CPU usage on the server, until I restart WCS. It looks like it happens when the HTTPS connections are closed after timeout. I just go to https://<WCS_IP>:8444/ and around 30...
  5. richard-vd

    freezes (but only when WCS output is UDP)

    My stream often freezes for a few seconds, while audio continues uninterrupted. It only happens when WCS outputs UDP, either directly using UDP WebRTC or even indirectly using the internal TURN server (in that case the only use of UDP is between TURN and WCS!). The same stream over TCP WebRTC or...
  6. richard-vd

    can't ingest RTSP stream

    Hi, WCS doesn't want to take the RTSP stream from my HDMI H.264 encoder device. The RTSP stream plays just fine in VLC. What can I change to get this to work? All configs are default. I tried this on my Debian server, but I get the same result on AWS. Here is the RTSP communication log from a...
  7. richard-vd

    certificate error downloading WCS5

    Hi, Downloading WCS5 using wget on Debian 10 (Buster) failed with a certificate issue, please check: # wget --2020-06-29 12:16:30-- Resolving (