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    UDP How to Peer-to-Peer?

    Hello dear Flashphoner-team, is there any setting so that the video-stream-data is sent P2P? At the moment every UDP-package seems to be sent via the server. Thanks in advance and kind regards, Martin
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    problem with custom-App with only connect-REST-method

    Hello deaR Flashphoner-team, we'd like to use flashphoner-WCS with a custom-App where we only want to check a token on "connect"-method. So I configured via CLI a new app and only added REST-method "connect" and no others. Our problem now is that the app says following when we our video-chat is...
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    Flashphoner test-license for preproduction server

    Hi, we have a simple license for WCS. Because we'd like to test our application which uses Flashphoner we'd like to mirror the app and the WCS to a preproduction-server. Is there any posssibility to use the same license for production- and preproduction-server? Thanks in advance Martin
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    link for license-renewing invalid

    Dear Flashphoner-team, my license of theFlashphoner Web Call Server montly subscription expired on December 2017. Unfortunately I didn't have to time to renew it that month. Now I'd like to reactivate my license but I don't know how. The link that was send to me is not valid anymore and just...
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    Hey guys, we use the Flashphoner's roomAPI for our video-chat. We also use its REST-methods to check authentication. Unfortunately after about 1 day running the Flashphoner WCS I got following error in the server_logs/flashphoner.log: WARN erSocketPipelineSink - RTMP-BOSS-pool-3-thread-1...
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    Using Video-Chat without camera (microphone only)

    Hello Flashphoner-team, is it possible to use the video-chat with a audio-chat fallback if the camera is not available? For example one participant has only a microphone but no camera. The other one has both. At the moment they can't communicate because STREAM_STATUS.FAILED occurs. Wouldn't it...
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    Established connection with Flash-Mediaprovider disconnects immediately

    Hello Flashphoner-team, I got following problem: We implementend a video-chat based on your video-chat- and conference-example. Connection and streaming with WebRTC works fine. But in Internet Explorer 11 - using Flash - the connection disconnects immediately after the user permits Flashplayer...