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  1. sangsoo

    Canvas Streaming Error in Chrome Canary 93

    Hello. There is an error when running the Canvas Streaming in the latest version of Chrome Canary (93.0.4549.3). - - A problem occurs when using the H264 codec. - VP8 codec works...
  2. sangsoo

    Conference(Room API) function as ASG

    Hello. I want to configure Conference(Room API) in amazon ASG environment. Test order. 1. Configure ASG with (CNAME). 2. Run 5 WCS servers (EC2 Instance) on (CNAME). 3. "Bill" joins An Invite link containing will be created (*) 4. "'Steve" joins the Invite link...
  3. sangsoo

    What's a better way to control bitrate?

    -----Version info----- wcs_version=5.2.923-aedc87cff21fea097721068cda0495425218ab31 wcs_client_version=2.0.166-eed8c28a711996707a64f16bdfb64953c4948e4c Hello. I want to control the bitrate of WebRTC publlish stream. I know how to support it in WCS. 1.REMB: WCS(constraints, properties) min /...
  4. sangsoo

    {startTimeMillis} problem when stopping VP8 stream recording

    -----Version info----- wcs_version=5.2.923-aedc87cff21fea097721068cda0495425218ab31 wcs_client_version=2.0.166-eed8c28a711996707a64f16bdfb64953c4948e4c Hello. When I finish recording the vp8 publish stream, the template {startTimeMillis} is set to 0. {endTimeMillis} works fine. - using ...
  5. sangsoo

    Origin, edge ASG policy setting

    Hello. I have a question about the origin,edge ASG policy setting. WCS Version: 5.2.832 *Note the following: - -
  6. sangsoo

    "Republishing to Youtube" failed

    Hello. *The WCS version is 5.2.787. The "Republishing to Youtube" test fails. I attach the server log at the time of failure. What is the problem? Thank you.
  7. sangsoo

    How to run ASG on Ec2 spec with more than recommended C4.large?

    Hello. EDGE Auto Scaling Test is in progress for each EC2 instance type. 1. Published in FHD CBR 2500 in OBS, and played as many times as specified in Edge without transcoding. -I used "Load testing using WebRTC pulling". 2. The CPU usage was measured at the edge. 3. 1 stream for comparison...
  8. sangsoo

    Increased CDN nodes after applying ASG Dercrease Policy

    Hello. WCS Auto Scaling (Increase / Decrease) was configured in AWS. It works very well. There is one problem. While operating the WCS, EC2 Instances excluded by the Decrease policy are continuously displayed on Show Nodes. (Edge's Show_Nodes result) Of course, you can delete the "UNKNOWN"...
  9. sangsoo

    How to Initialize CDN Show_Nodes Results

    Hello. Testing CDN in a number of ways has resulted in too many and complicated Show_Nodes results. I want to initialize the results of CDN Show_Nodes. Now we are stopping and restarting Webcallserver of all instances of CDN. The reason was that if one instance had previous CDN information, it...
  10. sangsoo

    How to configure Origin ASG using CDN2.x.

    Hello. The Edge server has already been configured with Amazon ASG. Origin also wants to configure ASG in case the publish stream increases. See the document below. - In the sample, there are 1st...
  11. sangsoo

    WCS cannot be updated.

    Hi Max~ WCS cannot be updated. Webcallserver update fails now (with image). WCS server uses 14+ units in Amazon (standard 13, trial 1+), but the same symptom occurs in the tested server. Each server has a slightly different version of WCS. The webcallserver files in the bin folder and...
  12. sangsoo

    We hope this function. "Add or change overlay graphics"

    Hello. I am using the stream watermarking function. I am referring to the following guide. It is very good. - One thing, I want to set (or remove) watermark images for each video. (*)I already know how to set the watermark for each...
  13. sangsoo

    wcs oam db installation error (amazon linux 2)

    Hello. I want to use oam sdk to manage WCS metrics. I am trying to install and configure postgresql and timescaledb on a new instance of amazon linux 2 (AWS EC2). There were some difficulties in the process. I would like to receive your feedback. Postgresql installed version 11 (11.5) using...
  14. sangsoo

    Webrtc ice connection fails on Chrome Canary, Edge Chromium (dev).

    Hello. Webrtc ice connection fails on Chrome Canary, Edge Chromium (dev) - Chrome Canary (82.0.4055.2), Edge Chromium (81.0.416.3) Attach the console log of the Canary browser. It looks like a browser bug, but I'm also suspicious of any changes to the WebRTC SDP specification. This works fine...
  15. sangsoo

    Mixer creation fails in WCS 5.2.479.

    Hello. I just updated the WCS server to check for the patch (5.2.474). - "WCS-2267 | Added: AV Mixer C optimization" I can't create a mixer stream after the latest 5.2.479 update. (previous 5.2.458) 1. The call to restapi method "/mixer/startup" fails. rest-method : response : { "exception"...
  16. sangsoo

    How to get clean video in the mixer.

    Hello. I want to get clear video quality from a mixer. I had a similar question before. First of all, I published video with CBR fhd 30fps 4mbps using obs encoder. (named "obsrtmp") Create a new mixer and add the "obsrtmp" stream to the mixer. stream name "mixer1" has been created. Finally...
  17. sangsoo

    mixer drop frame

    Hello. I have a question about the Stream Mixer feature. Mixer startup, creation and deletion work fine. • WCS Version: v. • Test Server (for Test): AWS EC2 C5.2xlarge (8 vCPU, 16G MEM) If you add streams to the mixer one by one, "Drop...
  18. sangsoo

    vod live loop failed.

    Hello. I tested the vod live loop. - wcs version : v. * VOD live translation supports VOD loop: I set the following value to the
  19. sangsoo

    AMI /etc/hosts, hostname

    Hello. I have a question. I am designing a service using "CDN2.0 + AWS Auto Scale setup". The first time you start a WCS in Amazon EC2 Instance, there is only a localhost value in /etc/hosts (we added hostname during the test). (only) localhost localhost.localdomain If no hostname...
  20. sangsoo

    How can I increase the number of concurrent subscribers?

    Hello~ I have a question. How can I increase the number of concurrent subscribers? Attachment 1 (htop + c4.2xlarge.200.png) is htop screen during stress test using two c4.2xlarge units. -Both server's java heap have xmx8g and xms8g set up, -More than 4000 media freee ports...