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    Issue with low connectivity

    Hi Team, We are using Flashphoner for last several months and one common complaint from our clients is the video streaming does not work with low connectivity. Is there anything we can do to improve this experience. What are the network considerations or minimum bandwidth required to have smooth...
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    Android SDK WebsocketNotConnectedException

    We have integrated and published an Android app with WCS Android SDK. We get the following exception in our crashlytics logs. Not able to understand what part of our code is throwing this exception and why org.java_websocket.exceptions.WebsocketNotConnectedException at...
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    Failed by ICE timeout

    We have recently setup ICE server which is different from our existing WCS server. We decided to go for TURN server as web rtc was failing in some networks intermittently. When I try to create a media session with that ICE server, it times out saying failed by ICE timeout. But on the TURN server...