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    Backup Stream

    Hello! Its possible to configure a backup stream? For example, if HLS 1 failed on the middle of event, we automatic load HLS 2.
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    Server Crash

    Hello! This night we got a server crash and looking at logs we found only this exception from java: 00:35:20,909 ERROR TcpClient - TcpClient-/X.X.X.X:31042-pool-76-thread-1 Got exception java.lang.NullPointerException: message at...
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    Embed Player - Duplicate Video

    Hello! We are experience issues (video is duplicated) on embed video player as bellow:
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    Mixer Layout - Quote

    How to receive a quote from this layout to mixer:
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    Player HTML5 - Show Controls

    Hello! While using player demo, if right click on stream, show controls are avaiable. How to make controls always avaiable?
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    Digital Ocean - Floating IP

    Hello! We attempt to configure a CND EDGE NODE @ DigitalOcean. Using the main IP of machine -> OK - works good. Using the FLOATING IP, (good for snapshot and up a machine once needs), keeping configuration, ssl and others settings, we got a lot of errors regarding: CAN NOT BING SIP PORT...
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    Ice Servers

    Hello! Is this correct? We are using credentials from DEMO of FlashPhoner TURN function start() { //check if we already have session if (Flashphoner.getSessions().length > 0) { startStreaming(Flashphoner.getSessions()[0]); } else { //create session var url =...
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    MCU - Blurred Image

    Hello! We are experience issues with MCU. The video images are blurred a lot of times. The incoming stream is clear, but the stream into MCU a lot of time becomes blurred and colored. Encoder priority - flashphoner.settings is VP8, H264
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    Multiple Players at same page

    Hello! Its possible to use the player (webrtc) not embed, on the same page, to monitor arround 50 streams? Actually we are using this with the embed code and works.
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    Auto start HLS by RTMP

    Hello! There is an way to auto-start HLS from RTMP published stream?
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    WebRTC - User to user stream

    Hello! Is it supported use WCS server and user to user stream, to reduce server load?
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    Hello! We are trying to PULL stream from another WCS server using API. We got 200 CODE return, but stream is not being played. Server A -> StandAlone -> User connect and stream webcam Server B -> PULL stream from server A. How to? We follow the documentation but not works.
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    MCU - Monitor all streams outside the mixer

    Hello! We are testing MCU. We can create the conference and all participants, its OK. But once we attempt to capture the individual stream like "carlos#room123" its become without audio, only video. How to capture and record individual MCU participantes outside mixer?
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    Unknow CA Received fatal alert: unknown_ca at at at at...
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    Server Errors - Urgent

    Hello! We are totally stopped. 2 servers, located on 2 different regions, are returning FAILED once attempt to start webcams. Mixer not start RTMP publish - not working But we can access administrative area
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    echoCancellation = MediaTrackSettings.echoCancellation;

    Hello! There is support for this?,device%20and%20their%20input%20device.
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    Webcam Quality

    Hello! We are questioned by our end customers, why VmixCall webrtc has better video quality than our systems. What is the ideal settings for better performance of webcam streaming from browser on FlashPhoner? Users with a bad internet connection on vmixcall still with a good picture quality...
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    CDN 2 Origin - 1 edge

    Hello! We are testing 2 ORIGIN servers and we are able to play cross ORIGIN A and B by using "cdn_origin_to_origin_route_propagation=true". But, our edge server are only playing streams from ORIGIN A, if we publish video from B, I can play into A but i can not play into edge. ORIGIN A...
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    WebRTC - Stream to Primary and Backup Servers

    Hello! I would like to know if is possible to stream webcam to 2 servers at same time using flashphoner. The idea is to transmit to primary and backup server at same time from browser. Or, how to receive webrtc from another server?
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    Error to remote monitor a stream attached to mixer

    Hello! We know is not possible to add the same stream to 2 or more mixers. But, we are experiences issues once attach stream A to mixer, its stop to be played on stand alone player.