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    problem with playing of RTSP stream

    Dear Support team, we faced with a problem with playing of RTSP stream in webRTC/websocket player on our flashphoner dashboard and on your demo website also. Could you please check and assist what's going wrong? RTSP stream I'll send via e-mail to Thank you in advance...
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    buffer on WebRTC

    Dear Max, I have question. Maybe it sounds strange, but is it possible to have a buffer on WebRTC? thank you in advance.
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    websocket is working, webrtc not

    Dear Max, we faced with a problem - our stream is working using websocket, but via webRTC is not working :( Could you please suggest what is a problem? Thank you in advance.
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    question about resample_video option

    Dear Max, could you explain please what actually resample_video=true option in need for? thank you.
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    high cpu usage

    Dear Max, I'm writing you again about high cpu usage we are facing from time to time on our server. At the moment we have 12-14 RTSP streams (HD quality) goes through WCS, our server have 12 cores CPU. During last few days, after 12-14 hours of working the CPU usage become very high and it's...
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    WCS ports explanation

    Dear Max, I didn't find any info regarding ports mentioned bellow - tcp 0 0* LISTEN 147151/java tcp 0 0* LISTEN 147047/java tcp 0 0
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    problem with sound

    Dear Max, I'm facing with the problem of loosing sound from time to time. After restart everything becomes ok. What can you suggest? Thank you.
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    question about cpu usage, connections quantity and small delay

    Dear Max, I have a few questions - 1. we have 8 streams connected to Flashphoner and we have big CPU usage (about 500%) ath this same time. We are going to connect about 50 streams and I think we'll have a trouble. How can we fix it? 2. sometimes we are having small delay on WebRTC stream. How...
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    statistics page

    Dear support team, is there any way to have statistics on connectioons, usage etc. for WebCallServer? Thank you.
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    flashphoner restart delay

    Dear Flashphoner support team, how can I decrease the startup delay after restarting Flashphoner? thank you in advance.
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    problem with sound

    Dear Support team, when I'm testing WebRTC streaming on iOS 10.30.1 (iphone 5s) the video playback is OK, but no sound :( my codec string in is - codecs=opus,alaw,ulaw,g729,speex16,g722,mpeg4-generic,telephone-event,vp8,h264,flv,mpv Maybe something wrong in configuration...
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    pass RTSP stream link via url

    Dear support, sorry for my question - is there any way to pass RTSP stream link via URL to your player (/client2/examples/demo/streaming/player/player.html)?? Thank you in advance
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    custom page for multiple WebRTC stream control

    Dear support team, is there any custom page to control my streaming videos via WebRTC - STOP, START, PUBLISH, UNPUBLISH my streams?? Thank you in advance.
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    my stream is not playing in local DEMO player page

    Dear support, my stream is playing fine on your demo page - On my demo page the status is showing "PLAYING" but the playing window is blank. Can you suggest? Thank you.
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    can't login through :9091 to WCS admin page

    Hi! I can't login to my WCS through 9091 port. What's I'm doing wrong? the log part is bellow: 08:06:19,096 INFO nerUserDetailService - http-nio-9091-exec-4 Looking for username admin 08:06:19,100 INFO AuditListener - http-nio-9091-exec-4 AuditEvent [timestamp=Sat May 06 08:06:19 CEST...
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    question about Simple License subscription

    Dear Flashphoner Support team, we are interested in buying WCS5 with Simple license - Can you provide an explanation between 2 definitions described on your page - If two different instances worked simultaneously for longer than one hour, the monthly...
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    need a help - how to test WSS stream on IOS (Safari)

    Hello! I didn't find how to test WSS stream on IOS (Safari). I opened https://x.x.x.x::8888/client/examples/demo/vow-player/vow-player.html in Safari, inserted my flashphoner server URL - wss://x.x.x.x:8443, tryied to "Connect" and got "FAILED". Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Can you suggest??
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    Problem with RTSP stream play via WebRTC

    Hi! I activated a trial license on my server and trying to play RTSP stream via WebRTC, but having problem - it's FAILED after "start". The same stream is playing on your demo site. Maybe I did something wrong. Please advise. Thank you. P.S. flashphoner log is attached