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  1. burak guder

    no sound in recordings

    There is no sound file in any of the recordings I received. Camera : H264, AAC Record Api : 'content' => '{ "mediaSessionId": "'xxxxx-6e89-497e-b717-0469c5448109'", "config": {...
  2. burak guder

    I canceled the automatic payment But still the money was taken

    I canceled the automatic payment and created an order again and purchased a license. but even though I canceled auto-renewal in my previous order, it happened and I got a product license twice. Can I use the other purchased license code for the next month?
  3. burak guder

    Is it possible to start recording by stream name?

    I want to record a stream I received from the ip camera but I need to use mediaSessionId for recording. I can't start recording with rest api because I can't access mediaSessionId rest-api/rtsp/find_all { "uri": "rtsp://root:Sxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx:555/live2.sdp"...
  4. burak guder

    Problem accessing web service

    Hİ I have a 32 core server with an average of 400 people connecting to total bitrate 350kbit Although there was no problem on the stream side, the web service crashed and the embet player did not open. It worked when I restarted the webcallserver again. I see the following error numbers on...
  5. burak guder

    the broadcast stops after a while

    After starting the broadcast via api, when nobody is watching, it stops after a while and it is necessary to start it again with the startup service. Even if nobody is watching the broadcast, I want it to continue to be shot over rtsp. How can I do that ?
  6. burak guder

    How can I reach the number of instant viewers?

    I use the rest api system on flashphoner. After creating a new stream, I want to get the stream based instant viewer count via rest api. When I use these "/connection/find" and "/connection/find_all", they return me a lot of data. Thanks for your help
  7. burak guder

    When I change the port on the demo license, I get an error.

    I changed the port so it doesn't conflict with other apps but it doesn't work on demo license. Flashphoner conf : # Config # To get more settings: # ssh -p 2001 admin@localhost # default password: admin # show node-settings # show node-settings | grep port #server...
  8. burak guder

    Is it possible to copy the audio codec for re-publish ?

    I would like to provide rtmp re-publish function to my customer. When I send the video image as h264, CPU usage is working low and well, but when I send also the audio besides the image, then the CPU increases. I think webrtc acc kodec cannot be used. How can I send the file as acc? I don’t want...
  9. burak guder

    screen sharing and re-publish error

    I using rtmp-re-publish for screen share but i am losing data. FFMPEG OUT : Input #0, flv, from 'rtmp://******.com/live/rtmp_rtmp_333_share': Duration: N/A, start: 325.942000, bitrate: N/A Stream #0:0: Data: none Stream #0:1: Video: h264 (Constrained Baseline), yuv420p(progressive)...
  10. burak guder

    what is the codec of the Screen Sharing ?

    I want to share screen with re-publish (rtmp-push) feature but only h264 codec can be used because the v8 cod requires extra core usage. How do I ensure that only h264 is used in webrtc inputs?
  11. burak guder

    WebRTC as RTMP re-publishing What is the CPU usage rate

    I want to send many users (1000 active user) webcam to rtmp server. What is the system resource required for re-publish ?
  12. burak guder

    canvas element to stream

    Hi Flah Phoner I actively use your system and I am very satisfied. I am developing a product and I want to use flashphoner for it. I want to add screen sharing and camera to canvas element and to send this element as a stream I attached an image
  13. burak guder

    is it possible Screen sharing to rtmp re-stream ?

    Hi FlashPhoner is it possible to send screen sharing to rtmp server? can you offering sample code ? tnx
  14. burak guder

    backup Stream ( is it possible incoming 2 stream to broadcast )

    Hi Flahphoner When the rtsp stream is wrong I want to use the broadcast from the 2nd rtsp url. Is this possible ? I could not do this on the player. Player gives error code too late This would be great if flashphoner can do this
  15. burak guder

    flashphoner does not work in webview in mobile application

    we added iframe code into ios and android apps (inapp) but it fails in the app error : none of preferred MediaProviders available. mobile browser and desktop browser don't give an error, i just get errors in the app
  16. burak guder

    I cannot install the ssl certificate

    creating ssl using certbot but I can't add from admin panel because menus are disabled you can see the error in the attachment I'm waiting for your help
  17. burak guder

    720P 1000K webrtc system requirement

    Hi FlashPhoner 720p video For 1000 webrtc users, what should be the server power? CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1650v3 - 6c/12t - 3.5GHz /3.8GHz RAM: 64GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz are these features sufficient? Thanks for your help
  18. burak guder

    aac audio Synchronous problem

    hi after a while audio sync deteriorates over time. page refleshing problem solved Pls help me My configuration : #server ip ip =xxxx ip_local =xxxxx #webrtc ports range media_port_from =31001 media_port_to =32000 #codecs codecs...
  19. burak guder

    Change appKey ?

    Hi I want to change the appKey name Flashphoner.createSession({appKey:"newKey", urlServer: urlServer, mediaOptions: mediaOptions}).on(SESSION_STATUS.ESTABLISHED, function (session) { but not working player .
  20. burak guder

    Rest API Start / Stop RTSP push

    Using Rest Api what should i do to stop the broadcast or start