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    webrtc client cannot view on some networks

    Config: RTSP CAM -> WCS ->WebRTC ->ios safari, On some network the same ios device can view the webrtc video, but some not. USE LTE cannot view, use some wifi can, some cannot. If i use the failed network to test on the demo page's Player, it show Failed by ICE timeout. What setting do i...
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    Question about the Rest-api to connect rtsp link.

    I use the rest api on server to connect a rtsp link using https://XXXXXXXXXXXXX/rest-api/rtsp/startup for example: body: { "uri":"rtsp://abc:pwd@XXXXXXXX:554/v1", "localStreamName": "test1" } After testing, whether it is success to connect the rtsp or not, it will also return http 200. so...
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    Video freezing after a few hour

    Just did a long run testing, after viewing video for a few hour, the video was freezing on both windows chrome and edge on same PC from 17 different rtsp cameras. If i using /rest-api/stream/find_all to check, all the session and rtsp are still connecting, if i stop the session without pubishing...
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    Question about Playing a stream in custom HTML5 video element

    I followed the to do, and i want to display the video which will change the video aspect ratio to fit the size of the videoControls as below: the testing page is...
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    Video not smooth or stopped on iOS

    Tested on on safari on iOS -> Embed player: rtsp:// The video can started, but sometime it is stopped and not smooth, but no problem on the chrome on MS Windows at the same time. What could the problem? Thanks
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    Buffering on webrtc?

    The config as below: Video Cam->RTSP->WCS->WebRTC->Browser, Is it possible to add some buffering of about 0.25s to 0.5s delay, so that the video can be smoother on network jittering, and i don't mine the delay within about 1 seconds. Thanks
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    snapshort timeout problem and response time

    I got timeout exception sometime when request snapshot using rest api, what could be the problem? And if success, the response time would be about 2 to 3 seconds, how could i increase the response time or delay time? Thanks { "exception"...
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    Webrtc cannot be shown on ios chrome, safari, android chrome, but on chrome on windows?

    What is the reason? Thanks The testing page is below, but when i test the same rtsp on flashphoner demo site, it is ok.
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    Question about standalone license

    If i install a standalone license on PC A, and later, i want to switch to another PC B? Then is it possible to uninstall the WCS on PC A, and use the same standalone license on PC B? Another case, If i install a standalone license on PC A, but after a while, the PC A is not working and cannot...
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    RTSP to Webrtc to stream, but can i send text to the broswer at the same time? Thanks

    I am using Live555 to generate the rtsp link for the WCS to connect (RSTP to Webrtc), but i also want to send the coordinate of a Rectangle or some text, so that i can draw it on the video on broswer, how could i do it? and the drawing need to synchronized with the video in time?
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    Is it possible to use Flutter to develop application to view the stream in WCS?

    Is it possible to use Flutter to develop application to view the stream in WCS? Thanks If yes, anyone tried and is it success?
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    General or common way to do fail over on webcallserver?

    What is the general or common way to make fail over on webcallserver to make sure down of one server or network not affect the service? Any reference on it?? Thanks for your help.