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    Change in updated flashphoner.js causes error

    Since implementing version 2.0.198 of the javascript Flashphoner Web SDK we received "Browser is not defined" javascript errors. It seems that pages/scripts based on this version need to have an extra declaration added to it : var Browser = Flashphoner.Browser; After that, scripts work again...
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    Samsung browser

    The built in Chrome mobile browser on Samsung phones will not display a stream and fails with the following error: "Failed by ICE timeout". Switching udp to tcp doesn't help and results in the same error. Regular Google Play store Chrome or Apple iOS Safari does not have this issue. Useragent...
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    UDP / TCP transport fallback

    It seems that certain VPN providers do not support UDP streaming or limit its bandwidth to levels that basically make it unusable for streaming. Is it possible to detect this and to automatically switch to TCP server side or to detect it client side using the javascript API and use an event /...
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    syntax error when updating webcallserver

    [ec2-user@ip-xxx-xx-xx-xx tools]$ sudo service webcallserver update >>> New version available: 5.2.971 >>> Your version: 5.2.927 >>> Version 5.2.971 is available, try to update >>> You have to stop FlashphonerWebCallServer before update. >>> Stop now [yes/no] ? yes FlashphonerWebCallServer...
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    StreamStatusEvent 'failed' after 'playing'

    When a visitor refreshes his browser the streaming session will be reestablished and streaming will continue. However, in our logs we get a StreamStatusEvent with status "Playing" before the StreamStatusEvent with status "failed" of the previous session. Is this a bug or intentional? On both...
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    Publish not working on Firefox after update to FlashphonerWebCallServer-5.2.859

    Publishing does not work anymore after updating the WCS server version to 5.2.859. Steps to reproduce: 1. Use 2 way streaming example on demo 2. Click Connect button (result ok) 3. Click Publish button (fails) An error message appears: FAILED Browser error detected: The object can not be found...
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    Cloudflare DNS for webcallserver

    When we put the DNS of a webcallserver domain on Cloudflare, will it still work? Cloudflare uses its own certificates for domains and proxied ip's. How will this affect WCS ? Will it still be necessary to import a certificate in WCS and how can we do this if we do not have control over the SSL...
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    Javascript playoutDelayHint error

    Some clients get the following javascript error trying to play a stream: TypeError: Failed to set the 'playoutDelayHint' property on 'RTCRtpReceiver': The provided double value is non-finite. Uncaught TypeError: Failed to set the 'playoutDelayHint' property on 'RTCRtpReceiver': The provided...
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    Streaming failed on 2 servers simultaniously

    Hi, A few minutes ago both our Flashphoner servers failed to setup streams at the same time. Since these servers reside in completely different networks (one on EC2 and the other bare metal on a location in Amsterdam), we suspect that it has something to do with failing to contact the licensing...
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    Missing custom variables in ConnectionStatusEvent: Disconnected

    Custom variables are sent (back) with webhooks: Method:connect Method:ConnectionStatusEvent and "status":"ESTABLISHED" Method: playStream Method:StreamStatusEvent etc but they are missing in: Method:ConnectionStatusEvent and "status":"DISCONNECTED" Method:stopStream Is this intentional or a bug?
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    Feature requests REST API

    I don't know if this is already possible, but if not, I would like to suggest a feature to be included in future versions: 1. Save stream recordings to a predefined folder Since the application is installed on an SSD and these disks are mostly smaller in size than HDD's, we would like to be...
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    Update not working

    Hi, We have 2 Flashphoner servers. One on AWS and one on a physical server. The one on AWS updates to the latest Flashphoner version using the webcallserver update command. The other one doesn't. [root@vmXXXX ~]# sudo service webcallserver update >>> You have latest version...
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    playFirstVideo error

    There's a problem with some iOS devices such as iPhone with the Flashphoner.playFirstVideo() function. After a few comments about streams not showing up and trying to figure out the cause, it seems that the result of that particular function is a rejection which causes the stream to never...
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    All streams fail

    We're having issues with Flashphoner since a couple of hours ago. All streams fail on AWS server. Local server and your own demo page work. Connections can be made but starting a stream results in fail. No changes were made.
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    server update

    Why do "service webcallserver check_update" and "service webcallserver update" not work anymore? According to the latest version is 5.2.245 but I get the following message: >>> You have latest version...
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    v5.2 monitoring

    I've just upgraded a 5.0 version to a 5.2 (side by side install) but now I'm wondering where the Monitoring section is in the web console.
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    iOS 12.2 no webrtc publish when calling

    This may be the same issue as Situation: After a (normal voice) call has been setup, trying to publish your stream from an iPhone using iOS 12.2 in Private browsing mode does not work anymore. It does...
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    bandwidth questions

    In some instances, the viewer of a stream gets the javascript event trigger STREAM_STATUS.NOT_ENOUGH_BANDWIDTH I know this relates to the webrtc_cc2_bitrate_overuse_event_threshold setting in This is now set on 0.1. 1. What I don't get is why the...
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    domainname change and license

    If we change the domainname of the server running flashphoner (5.0), will the current license still be valid? The ip address will not change. We have a monthly subscription license. Other than updating the SSL certificate and clientside stream requests, will it require other changes elsewhere?
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    No webrtc in iOS 12 homescreen app

    If you add a site to your homescreen on iOS, you can start the site like you would start a regular app. The problem is that since iOS 12, a site added to homescreen does not display a WebRTC stream from flashphoner anymore even though the preferredMediaprovider array is set to...