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    Microphone increase volume

    How can I increase volume on the microphone using web sdk?
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    RTMP server configuration

    Hello. I'm trying to do rtmp stream with 720p over phone, but I have some video glitches. Once I updated the codes the glitches are gone, but the quality is bad. codecs=opus,alaw,ulaw,g729,speex16,g722,mpeg4-generic,telephone-event,vp8,h264,flv,mpv The rest of my server config is...
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    Stream from a local file

    Is there any option to stream from a local file(mp4), or the file should be on the server? If so, how can I upload a file to the server?
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    Zooming from web sdk

    Is there any api functionalities where I can zoom in and zoom out from the Web sdk? Something like this: const stream = await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({ video: { zoom: true } });
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    iOS Safari switch camera issue

    When I'm trying to switch the camera during publishing state, the publisher video goes black and the camera indicator goes red. We are using Web SDK on iOS Cordova App. Any suggestions?
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    Problem with WebRTC connection on iOS

    I'm using the web sdk and I'm trying to connect iPhone with the WCS but I have this issue: WSServerHandler - WSS-pool-23-thread-1 THIS DOMAIN IS NOT ALLOWED origin: app://localhost allow: null I tried with origin null, but also got this: WSServerHandler - WSS-pool-23-thread-1 THIS DOMAIN IS NOT...
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    AWS CloudFormation template

    Is there any AWS CloudFormation template to create new ec2 instances whenever I need it, or any AWS cdk examples?
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    RTMP: server part validation failed

    the RTMP client is connected, but I recieve logs: server part 1 validation failed for type 1, will try with type 2 ERROR ClientHandler - RTMP error server part 1 validation failed even for type: 2