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    Limit number of RTSP stream subscribers

    Is there a built-in method for limiting the number of RTSP stream subscribers? I know I can use /connect API call for that case (and keeping some global counter), but I was wondering if there is another possibility. Thanks.
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    Запретить просмотр трансляции клиенту, которому ранее одобрял просмотр

    Как я понял, для первоначальной авторизации клиента я могу использовать REST-метод connect, а как запретить пользователю просмотр трансляции, которую ранее одобрил? hook connect видимо только разово вызывается?
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    CDN edge server (defaultApp) returns 401 Unauthorized

    Hi, I am using CDN with one origin server and one edge server. Each server is behind a load balancer. I have created a custom app called "development" pointed to my backend to authorize the publisher when a stream is connected or published. In viewer part, the playback is streamed using HLS. It...
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    CDN - failed to connect to origin server

    Hi, I am trying to do live stream using CDN. I have two load balancers (AWS), one for origin and another for edge. I followed the steps with dynamic CDN and I am getting "Failed to connect error" in edge server. Edge: cdn_enabled=true cdn_ip={ip_local}