admin password

  1. Y

    Unable to login as admin

    Hi, I have an WCS at AWS and I can't login to the admin account with the user/pass of admin/<ec2-instance-id> This instance is created from an AMI that was created from an AWS marketplace WCS. [1] How can I login to the admin account? [2] Is there a way to replace the current SSL certificate...
  2. kip9696

    Cant Login page admin account

    Hi I cant login page with admin account (https://~:8888/) I tried login admin/admin but I see forbidden I created server with docker And How Can I change UDP Port range? reply pleeasee thx
  3. Dani

    can't access with admin user

    I get forbidden when trying to login How can I resolve this ? I can login with the demo user, but I need to update certificates, can I do it with demo ? Dani
  4. G

    AWS market place deployed demo not working.

    Hi, I just tried the subscription through AWS market place. The deployed instance cant run, Using "demo" credentials I see the interface but functionality doesnt work. Using the "admin" and ec2 instance as password, I am stuck at this screen. Please suggest next steps.