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    Video stream shows a white screen on Chrome 88 - Android 10

    Hello, Since yesterday we have started receiving some complaints of users reporting white screen in the video player on Chrome 88 - Android 10. Since it is a recent Chrome version, it could be a fresh bug but we could not reproduce it in a device using the same versions. We have many users on...
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    Conference Screen - Android Sample App 1.1 is not responding

    Hi, Conference Screen(Android Sample App): The app is not responding on click of leave button in Android 10 version mobile(Xiaomi Note 7 Pro). Steps to produce the bug: Scenario-1: i. Join 2 users in one room. ii. publish the video for another mobile (2nd user). iii. click leave button in...
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    2players example issue (streams mixing)

    Hi, I came across a strange issue on your 2players example (tried yours and mine WCS, same result). On some mobile devices (e.g. Honor 10, Redmi Note 8T - all updated to latest Android 10 (Q), and on latest chrome version - that said Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Q, latest chrome does not have the...
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    Android screen capture problem

    I'm trying to publish a screen capture stream from android device to flashphoner server, using this example: I'm using Xamarin though, but hopefully...
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    Echo in latest Android 10 on Pixel phones

    Hi, starting from the Aug 5 update to Pixel phone (2 in this case, running QQ3A.200805.001) we are getting echo from these phones. I.e. a remote peer (in a person to person chat) hear his/her own voice after roundtrip, and looking at the voice activity of the mixed feeds we store, we can be...