1. Umer Bhatti

    Flashphoner Android SDK plays stream shows call volume slider

    Hello, I have implemented the Flashphoner SDK in android JAVA, but the problem I am facing is that when play the stream it shows the call volume bar, I want to play the stream like music and it should show only music volume bar. Here's my code to set the audio src: private boolean...
  2. M

    SIP video call from WCS can't hear audio of audio file was play from SIP server

    Hi admin, I have a call script that is called internal when a sip peer (8001) calls to extensions (999999) it goes to IVR, here will play audio. Then goes to queue (2000), the queue has music on hold (moh). Next connects to sip peer (8000). I tested SIP audio call and the video call does not...
  3. E

    Подмена аудиодорожки

    Доброго времени суток, требуется добавить к одному видеостриму несколько звуковых дорожек и переключаться между ними на стороне плеера. Как это можно реализовать?Какой использовать протокол передачи потокового видео и как работать с одним видеорядом и несколькими аудиодорожкам?
  4. P

    Ошибка компиляции класса для записи аудио (IDecodedPcmInterceptor)

    Добрый. Пробую скомпилировать класс из примера: Команда javac -cp /usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/lib/wcs-core.jar:/usr/local/FlashphonerWebCallServer/lib/slf4j-api-1.6.4.jar...
  5. R

    Пип при подключении к потоку

    После обновления на новую версию появился PIP при подключении к потоку
  6. Dani

    webm file (recorded on vp8 stream) using the rest API has no sound

    How do I record the sound as well as the video ? Is there a way to record the sound even if the Volume of the stream is set to 0 ? (currently no sound is recording with volume set to 0 or 100)
  7. smartbet

    Canvas sound quality issue

    Dear Max, we have issue with sound on mac and iPhone canvas player has some funky sound. Quality is like from radio station. Is it possible to increase quality of sound , I have looked at documentation and could not find any clue on this.
  8. richard-vd

    distorted audio on Apple devices

    In recent releases of Apple software (macOS Big Sur using Safari 14.0.1, iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2) the audio of my RTSP stream starts heavily distorted when using WebRTC (Opus audio). After some time audio becomes clean but it can go back to the distorted state later on. I already tried changing...
  9. L

    Отсутствие звука в iOS 14

    Возникла такая проблема, при публикации WebRTC потока с телефона, а именно iOS 14 + Safari отключаются все звуки на сайте для паблишера, а также отключаются звуки нажатий клавиш (тапов по клавиатуре), системный звуки уведомления етц. Как только публикация прекращается всё возвращается в норму.
  10. F

    Audio stream over RTSP problem on new system

    hello i have issues with the definitive system where I lose audio once In flashphoner. It worked with the demo on another system but not anymore with the definitive one. I can read the stream with video and audio in VLC but I lose audio in flashphoner on your demo page or on my system . I can...
  11. M

    Не работает unMuteAudio на Ipad mini 4 (iOS 13.1.2) Safari

    На Ipad mini 4 (iOS 13.1.2) Safari после отрабатывания unMuteAudio звук не появляется. Version: "0.5.30"
  12. burak guder

    Is it possible to copy the audio codec for re-publish ?

    I would like to provide rtmp re-publish function to my customer. When I send the video image as h264, CPU usage is working low and well, but when I send also the audio besides the image, then the CPU increases. I think webrtc acc kodec cannot be used. How can I send the file as acc? I don’t want...