background mode

  1. wyvasi

    Background IOS audio issue

    Good day! We are trying to answer call using {audio: true, video: true} from background on IOS and from switching to app video can be turned on successfully, but audio there is no audio sent at all from IOS. I set rtp_activity_video=false for video to work but I need a solution for audio. I also...
  2. T

    Stream black screen on safari mobile

    Hi. I am testing FlashPhoner stream on safari mobile. Everything is ok. When, during streaming on safari, i get phone call, stream video become black and not recovered. Or when I minimize browser, use Viber, WhatsApp or other applications, then maximize browser, stream screen is black and not...
  3. andrew.n

    Video freezes when moving the app to background

    There is a small issue that I have after I start the streaming, If I move the app to background, and open another app etc, when I open the app again, the streaming view is frozen. I tried to call muteVideo function on applicationWillResignActive, and call again unmuteVideo on...
  4. M

    Calls interrupted in iOS when receiving incoming in-app notifications or when the screen saver is on

    Hi, we are receiving complaints from our customers since they are having some failures during a live call from iOS to a normal phone (we use WCS as webrtc/SIP gateway). To be exact, the call is estalished but when the user receives an incoming inapp notifciation (e.g whatsapp) the call is...