1. R

    Понимание bitrate

    Мы пытались в соседней теме спросить про битрейт , но видимо из за того , что вопросов в одной теме задаешь много вы отвечаете только на те, что касаются темы, поэтому будем создавать разные посты. Constrains bitrate вы сказали мы используем правильно , но он не работает. Скажите если мы делаем...
  2. sangsoo

    What's a better way to control bitrate?

    -----Version info----- wcs_version=5.2.923-aedc87cff21fea097721068cda0495425218ab31 wcs_client_version=2.0.166-eed8c28a711996707a64f16bdfb64953c4948e4c Hello. I want to control the bitrate of WebRTC publlish stream. I know how to support it in WCS. 1.REMB: WCS(constraints, properties) min /...
  3. K

    WebRTC to RTMP, optimize quality

    Hello, We have a WCS instance running on Digital Ocean droplet, and we use it as a "proxy" for live streams from browser to Mux (, that accepts RTMP input. We are aiming 1280x720 resolution, and right now we don't like video quality much. I tried both H.264 and VP8 codecs...
  4. A

    Issue with low connectivity

    Hi Team, We are using Flashphoner for last several months and one common complaint from our clients is the video streaming does not work with low connectivity. Is there anything we can do to improve this experience. What are the network considerations or minimum bandwidth required to have smooth...
  5. Dmirii

    Плохое качество видео потока.

    Используем AWS в качестве сервера. Стрим запускаем с такими настройками: { name: streamName, display: localVideo, constraints: { video: { withoutExtension: true, type: 'screen', width: '1600'...
  6. R

    Webcam Quality

    Hello! We are questioned by our end customers, why VmixCall webrtc has better video quality than our systems. What is the ideal settings for better performance of webcam streaming from browser on FlashPhoner? Users with a bad internet connection on vmixcall still with a good picture quality...