1. P

    Head tracking

    Hello, TikTok has got a Head Tracking functionality that allows for different 2d/3d visual affects. Can this be done with WCS SDKs? I know there is an option of displaying multiple videos with mixer as well as watermarks. How about tracking? Thanks, P
  2. P

    Headless chrome and Canvas

    Hi, is there any information or guidance you can assist , related to headless chrome and canvas ?
  3. T

    RTSP to Webrtc to stream, but can i send text to the broswer at the same time? Thanks

    I am using Live555 to generate the rtsp link for the WCS to connect (RSTP to Webrtc), but i also want to send the coordinate of a Rectangle or some text, so that i can draw it on the video on broswer, how could i do it? and the drawing need to synchronized with the video in time?
  4. inSnat

    virtual background

    What is required to perform this functionality or is it possible?
  5. KonstantinK

    Обрыв соединения при трансляции содержимого канвы

    если транслировать видео через канву, как показано у вас в примере, то трансляция идет нормально, но если на канву ставить картинки, с некоторой задержкой, то изображение не всегда попадает в видео, а если задержка будет длительной (пару минут) то поток вообще отваливается, возможно это...
  6. burak guder

    canvas element to stream

    Hi Flah Phoner I actively use your system and I am very satisfied. I am developing a product and I want to use flashphoner for it. I want to add screen sharing and camera to canvas element and to send this element as a stream I attached an image