click to call

  1. P

    rest-hook + авторизация sip

    Существует ли возможность не выводить в отладочную консоль данные текущего sip подключения (см.скиншот) полученные через rest-hook ? А то получается мы вроде как в скрипте их не пишем, чтобы не показывать юзеру, но при этом получить их особого труда не составляет, а имея реквизиты подключения...
  2. L

    auto make call

    Hi After clicking the URL click-to-call-min.js can automatically make call without clicking the button. How to do? Thanks.
  3. tyagi5011

    How can I create phone calling functionality on my webpage

    Hi, I want to integrate a button on my webpage which allows user to call a particular support no. Through internet. How can I achieve this
  4. jobs

    WCS v. issue

    Hi: I am having some problems on WCS demo. I step by step, follow the installation manual test to establish success. And import SSL certificates done. I am WCS can't support any mobile browser login, but use PC browser can login. I use mobile login
  5. M

    Click to call attacks prevention

    Hi, we are developing a click-to-call webapp for one of our customers. We are worried about potential attacks to our systems and we don't want to include a captcha control before the click to call (avoiding bots). Does WCS support any kind of protection against these kind of attacks? We want to...