1. burak guder

    How can I reach the number of instant viewers?

    I use the rest api system on flashphoner. After creating a new stream, I want to get the stream based instant viewer count via rest api. When I use these "/connection/find" and "/connection/find_all", they return me a lot of data. Thanks for your help
  2. aledg

    Stream a static image from canvas

    Hi guys, I'm using your mixer API, I want to stream a simple static image from canvas. Starting from your exemple canvas_streaming I try to change the code like this: function createCanvasStream() { var canvasContext = canvas.getContext("2d"); var canvasStream =...
  3. M

    HLS edge server not playing

    Hi, I am recieving error messages like this 12:51:48,000 ERROR WCSAgent - API-ASYNC-pool-12-thread-1 7467ef3a-fe12-45b5-a875-822cd2ae370e Stream 38-1594642976-586182 local failed 12:51:48,039 ERROR Server - HLS-38-1594642976-586182 Uncaught exception...
  4. M

    Modify 404 response from REST API

    Hi, I used this API (rest-api/cdn/show_routes) to get the streams active in CDN. If the streams are active , it returns 200 response when there are no streams in CDN 404 response is returned. The actual issues come here when I am using AWS Loadbalancer to call this API. When 200 response is...
  5. M

    CDN - Multiple origins and edge servers clarification

    Hi, I have a question on how multiple origin servers will work for streaming and playing with edge servers through CDN. Based on this link, it seems multiple origins and edge servers are supported. But my question is what will be the...