1. ybenelli

    [SIP Call] inbound voice 3-4sec delay

    Hi, we have AWS WCS 5 small and we having issues with sip calls, there is a 3 or 4 seconds delay on inbound voice, there is not problem with outbound voice The quality is good, the only problem is the incoming voice delay. The WCS and PBX are on same region, the problem is the same on...
  2. P

    Live video streaming getting delay due to buffering

    Hi Team, We are facing an delay when we access the video streaming in the Flashphoner UI, it's getting buffering and not matching with the live camera streaming. Delay is keep increasing over the time passes. The configuration we used as, Video Cam->RTSP->WCS->WebRTC->Browser Details as...
  3. R

    Transcoding video decoding queue size issue

    Hi, I am facing issue of transcoding_video_decoding_average_queue_size when it gets to 100. Feed is getting freeze and delay after that. Facing this issue after concurrent veiwers going above around 1700. I am playing stream with low resolution and low bitrate(200kbps) My server configuration...
  4. A

    Add delay to player

    Hi, We stream single room using chatrooms. It's audio only. We want to give out free version to our users but with one min delay. Is that possible? So some users gets audio live and some gets with a min delay Thanks for the help