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    Remove controls from embed player

    Hi All, Has anyone tried removing the play/pause and volume controls from the embedded player? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    1 rtmp to max subscriber limit[embed player html] on fresh installation

    hi. one general flashphoner team suppose i freshly install wcs5 on ununtu 18 hosted on AWS ec2- C5-4x large instance and applied monthly licence on it. now my query is if i stream 1 RTMP through Vmix then what is max limit of user can saw this stream over internet ( embed player on html...
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    Embed video is asking for Java?

    Hi there, thanks for the support, I embed a Rtsp on a Wix page directly from the Embed player page of the Gui. It works like a charm but only on computers with the Java installed. Anyone knows how to avoid this? Thanks for the support in advance1
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    Embed player on Wix?

    Hi there!, Anyone try? I can´t but why?, this is https, no? Thanks in advance!
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    Качество воспроизведение в Embed Player

    День добрый. Хотел узнать, есть ли возможность изменять качество отображения видео в Embed Player?