embed player

  1. DeanSLR

    How to embed multiple players in one webpage?

    Hey, So embedding 1 player via the embeded player in the admin panel works great. When I try to embed multiple players I only view 1 of them. how to embed more than 1? thanks
  2. burak guder

    clone new embed_player

    Hi, **http s://xxxxxx:9444/embed_player?urlServer=wss://xxxxxxx:9443&streamName=streamname&mediaProviders=WebRTC ***http s://xxxxxx:9444/embed_player_clone?urlServer=wss://xxxxxxx:9443&streamName=streamname&mediaProviders=WebRTC I copy the folder named embed_player, but when I call it from...
  3. S

    Embedding iframe player, audio-only mode available?

    Hello version: 5.2.944 I am using WebCallServer 5 (hosted on AWS) and want to embed the player via an iframe. As i sometimes have an audio-only stream, i would like to only show the controls and no video player. How is that possible (i was looking for a flag like "audio-only" to pass to the...
  4. O

    FlashPhoner Embed Player -> Responsive inside HTML page

    Hi I'm using the flashphoner player (fp_embed_player) 
 but there is a problem when using it in a responsive mode. The video stream doesn’t refresh his size when i resize the window. If i stop and restart the stream, it’s working, but it's boring in use. Is there a solution to resize the...
  5. J

    replaying WEBRTC stream with video tag in HTML5

    He are seeing error in replaying webrtc stream with below video tag: <div id="videoFrameContainer"> <video id='fp_embed_player'...
  6. alexosh

    Поток в embedded iframe иногда не показывается

    На сервере в демо интерфейсе в Embed player поток с ip камеры показывается. Встраиваю на страницу - то показывает (все нормально), то не показывается (крутится белое спиннер). Как это отлаживать?
  7. Corrado

    Resize embedded player

    I am using an embedded player inside my webpage, i need to resize it when i toggle my function from pip to full screen, i have seen there is a resize function in the embedded player but i can't fire it when i put my iframe to full screen. I use CSS to resize iframe but video remains the size of...
  8. S

    IFrame embedding, possibility to only stream audio?

    Hello version: 5.2.780 I am using WebCallServer 5 (hosted on AWS) to embed a live-stream onto a website using an iframe. I was wondering if there is the ability to tell the iframe to only use audio streaming and doesn't display the video stream? Best, Thomas
  9. appsgenii

    Embed Player redirecting to login Page

    I am tring to embed player in iframe but it redirecting to Login screen. Kindly help this. Example Embed URL: https://HOST_URL/embed_player?urlServer=wss://tv2.gamezapi.com:8443&mediaProviders=WebRTC,Flash,MSE,WSPlayer&streamName=RTSP_URL
  10. prakash_123

    Screen Resolution not changing

    Thank you for your response. It was really helpful and working very fine and smoothly. We need one more favor regarding the resolution of the "<video>" tag . We want to stretch the video to full screen in all the devices but whenever we provide the resolution parameters its not accepting it and...
  11. F

    Remove controls from embed player

    Hi All, Has anyone tried removing the play/pause and volume controls from the embedded player? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. V

    1 rtmp to max subscriber limit[embed player html] on fresh installation

    hi. one general flashphoner team suppose i freshly install wcs5 on ununtu 18 hosted on AWS ec2- C5-4x large instance and applied monthly licence on it. now my query is if i stream 1 RTMP through Vmix then what is max limit of user can saw this stream over internet ( embed player on html...
  13. V

    Embed video is asking for Java?

    Hi there, thanks for the support, I embed a Rtsp on a Wix page directly from the Embed player page of the Gui. It works like a charm but only on computers with the Java installed. Anyone knows how to avoid this? Thanks for the support in advance1
  14. V

    Embed player on Wix?

    Hi there!, Anyone try? I can´t but why?, this is https, no? Thanks in advance!
  15. G

    Качество воспроизведение в Embed Player

    День добрый. Хотел узнать, есть ли возможность изменять качество отображения видео в Embed Player?