1. V

    Trying h265

    Hi Max!, i`m trying to ingest MPG TS h265 from a rtsp to use the embed player. but no luck. The player is black. I followed the instrucions tu update, and updated one of our servers to the v.2.0.228-5.2.1579 The final goal is to publish the embed player and the latency is very important. Thanks...
  2. Gabriel Soudry

    H265 Grey Screen (not in H264, not in H265 in VLC)

    Hello, We have a bug in the latest version of Flashphoner, RTSP H265, where we see a grey screen every second. This bug is not present in VLC H265 nor in Flashphoner RTSP H264. Are you aware of this bug? Unfortunately, we cannot share this RTSP to the internet. Regards, Gabriel
  3. E

    H265 codec support

    Hi just a question do you intend to support H265 codec and if so when would it be available, Thanks
  4. S

    RTSP Stream failed

    Some RTSP URI doesn't work with flashphoner. Its codec is H264, which flashphoner supports. Could you please check my RTSP URI?